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Data Analytics

Real-time access to asset management engineers through elegant technology solutions.

Business Intelligence for Operations and Maintenance

Industries of all shapes and sizes are facing an increasingly competitive marketplace where success hinges on effectively leveraging data to ensure reliable, efficient, and resilient operations.

Achieving these three objectives requires the convergence of data analytics, people, and processes to inform and guide decisions that help your business achieve sustainable, resilient, and profitable results

Black & Veatch is on the forefront of merging data analytics with engineering expertise to deliver timely and actionable insights that realize the full potential of assets and facilities for industrial, commercial, and utility businesses.

It begins by using integrated communications and analytics tools, like Asset360, that enables our engineers to monitor and diagnose opportunities for improvement and potential critical system failures. Then we employ virtual issue notification, blogging and work ticketing to enable fast O&M response locally or globally.

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Check out our Insights & Resources section for insights into data analytics issues and trends facing the industry today.

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