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Manage risk and responsibility, addressing little details and the big picture.

Environmental Services

At Black & Veatch, we strive to protect the earth’s natural resources while delivering resilient, compliant and sustainable infrastructure.

To the communities our work impacts, our solutions provide the peace of mind that comes with safe and clean air, soil and water. People see it when they walk through newly reclaimed public spaces, like the freshwater wetlands beside a defunct fiber plant in Northeast Delaware. They taste it when they pour a glass of tap water from the Calaveras Reservoir or from the groundwater near the Collierville, Tennessee, Superfund site.

Our environmental specialists and partner agencies develop feasible and cost-effective solutions to the challenges of building in fragile and sensitive locations.


Fully Integrated Solutions

Meeting and exceeding existing and future environmental standards and requirements is critical for utility as well as commercial and industrial infrastructure financing, planning delivery and operations. From prioritizing capital investments and improving operational returns, through to building resilient or distributed infrastructure across multiple jurisdictions, Black & Veatch provides fully integrated environmental solutions to all the industries we serve across the entire lifecycle of assets. 

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