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We bring our clients global experience and local knowledge to help create business value with innovative and right-sized solutions for their environmental, sustainability and decarbonization needs.


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As complex environmental regulations present some of the biggest challenges to project success and implementation of sustainable solutions, greater levels of innovation and collaboration are required to support the needs of an increasingly mobile, urban and affluent world. Whether it’s driving the decarbonization of industries and supply chains on a global scale, to alleviating flood risks, improving air quality and remediating hazardous waste, we deliver the outcomes you need.

With expertise across the power, oil & gas, water, telecommunications and government services, manufacturing & industrial, transportation and management consulting sectors, we can ensure better financial, climate and environmental benefits by delivering a tailored solution to meet your project needs.  

We partner dedicated environmental consultants and scientists with industry-recognized engineering and construction teams. This collaboration enables better navigation of changing regulations and shifting stakeholder expectations while keeping your project, regardless of scale or location, on schedule. In addition, we help you realize the benefits of deploying reliable, sustainable technologies that enable better measurement and reporting through easy-to-implement digital asset management platforms. 

We Understand Your Challenges  

Successful environmental projects must balance the availability of budget, project schedule and a deep understanding of regulatory complexity and compliance issues - these are the biggest obstacles our clients tell us they face in meeting  their environmental sustainability goals. These factors create uncertainty, that organizations must carefully weigh against the cost of change versus the cost of inaction.  

Our legacy of environmental services projects for the utility, government, commercial and industrial sectors allows us to partner with you at any stage of your sustainability journey. We can help accelerate your path to making better economical and compliance-based decisions to benefit communities in the long-term. 

Reliable & Proven

Our clients have trusted us for more than 50 years to deliver environmental and technological innovation.

Risk & Opportunity Management

Our solutions allow for safe and compliant projects, on budget and with schedule certainty.

Integrated Solutions

We collaborate with stakeholders to implement tailored, mutually beneficial outcomes.

Improving the Environment Across Our History 

Black & Veatch provides a comprehensive suite of environmental services coupled with broad industry knowledge. Since one of our initial projects in 1915 – improving water supply and treatment for an industrial manufacturing company – we have worked to reduce, mitigate and improve environmental impacts from critical infrastructure.  

Since the 1980s we’ve served as a trusted partner of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), completing more than 800 projects across all 10 regions and are one of the first Superfund contractors. Through the Superfund program, we have helped clean up more than 100 contaminated and hazardous waste sites through remediation studies, planning, solution implementation and monitoring. Our environmental work with the U.S. government also extends to more than 83 military installations worldwide and more than 750 hazardous, toxic and radioactive waste projects in the past 10 years.

Today, our teams are transforming the future by delivering innovation in sustainable solutions and infrastructure. We are helping to jumpstart the circular economy by recovering slow-release fertilizer from wastewater in Chicago, taking advantage of resource synergies across water, waste and energy at a co-located waste management and advanced water treatment facility in Singapore, and supporting innovatively funded, environmentally compliant infrastructure projects throughout the UK. 

We are a leader in zero-emission vehicle infrastructure and energy storage, and work with a range of energy- and water-intensive commercial and industrial companies – data centers providers, mining companies, industrial manufacturers and more – to help them plan, manage and deliver on their environmental and sustainability goals.


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Across the Power industry, utility operators must address all forms of safety, including acoustics and noise control, especially in urban and suburban areas. In our first Power Tech Pod, host Becca Schmidt talks with Black & Veatch’s Jeff Szymanski, Senior Acoustical Engineer, about mitigating those risks early to ensure successful projects. They also discuss noise control concerns amid the COVID-19 stay-at-home orders.


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Integrated Solutions for Full Infrastructure Lifecycle

We make success easier. Solving today’s sustainable infrastructure challenges demands a broader approach – beyond the “project” – for optimization across the entire lifecycle. From planning and design to construction, operations to betterment and rehabilitation, where today’s project ends, tomorrow’s project begins.


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Ranked by EBJ as Top Environmental Consulting & Engineering Firm

Black & Veatch was named to Environmental Business Journal's  (EBJ) Top 100 Environmental Consulting & Engineering Firms. The list appears in EBJ's Environmental Consulting & Engineering Data Deck, a comprehensive compilation of statistics and analysis of the market for environmental consulting and engineering services and the competitive game board for the industry it represents.

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