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Acoustical Consulting & Noise Control

Plan for and manage noise impacts from concept to commissioning

Acoustical Consulting

We Know Acoustics

Our acoustical engineering consultants can support your project from conception and planning through design, construction, and testing.

Acoustical consulting, design and engineering is a rapidly evolving and important area of concerns for infrastructure facilities owners and network operators. Regulations are variable, complicated by interpretations of ambient noise levels and sometimes incorporated into broader nuisance regulations. Noise compliance strategies are valuable components of long-term environmental and sustainability plans while acoustical solutions are typically customized project-to-project and rarely ‘off-the-shelf’.

As cities grow and expand, and our lives become increasingly connected and urban, our understanding and appreciation of the impacts of noise on physical and mental human health are advancing. From noise-induced hearing loss to stress and associated health risks, we are learning more about the effects of noise pollution. As infrastructure providers, we are compelled to find more effective measures to responsibly control noise emissions. Many new forms of infrastructure – 5G telecommunications, distributed electricity generation, and edge data centers – are being built within residential or “mixed use” areas, and how developers manage and reduce noise emissions is critical for customer relations and reputation.

Integrated Acoustical Solutions from Concept to Commissioning

Black & Veatch develops customized and practical solutions, optimized around cost, constructability, and performance, that meet the noise and vibration demands of your project. Our in-house acoustical specialists and environmental teamwork as part of your team, identifying and resolving acoustical issues earlier, which leads to more efficient overall project delivery. Our experienced teams ensure appropriate permitting and regulatory compliance through services including acoustical evaluation and assessment, acoustical modeling, sound level surveys and monitoring, as well as acoustical engineering design. We go further and incorporate noise into our safety-by-design principals, reducing the impact of noise on construction workers, facility personnel, and the local community.


Our acoustical services include:

  • Acoustical Engineering
  • Acoustical Evaluations
  • Architectural Acoustics
  • Noise Modeling
  • Regulatory Appraisals
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