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Climate Solutions

Partnering with businesses, cities and communities to plan and implement affordable, practical and resilient responses to climate change

Climate Solutions


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We know climate

Wildfires. Soaring temperatures contrasted with record freezing conditions. Water scarcity and droughts. Increasingly severe storm weather events and flooding. Rising sea levels, coastal erosion and land subsidence. Our world is changing, and the rules and paradigms governing risk to our infrastructure have shifted significantly. How we plan to decarbonize and achieve carbon neutrality, while protecting people, properties and natural habitats and ecosystems from the consequences of climate change, has taken on new urgency and deeper significance.

Our environmental teams – together with specialist consulting, engineering and construction teams – are at the frontline of climate change with our clients: predicting, preparing and recovering from the consequences of extreme events. Our works sees us engage with many of the world’s most progressive cities and global businesses forecasting and evaluating climate risks and establishing net zero carbon programs. Through partnering closely with you and your stakeholders, we design affordable, practical and resilient climate action plans, and stay with you beyond the planning cycle, as a true partner across the infrastructure lifecycle from planning through to hardening your infrastructure systems.

Talk with us to create a productive and effective climate action plan that will lay the framework for cost savings, growth and job creation, and improvements in air quality and public health, and yield other societal and environmental benefits.

Data and the Environment

Integrated, Scalable and Flexible Climate Solutions

Our tailored, data driven approach, allows us to understand individual characteristics of each business or city for dealing with climate change. Data baselines and scenario profiling are foundational for net zero carbon, climate or sustainability action plans that scale not just single facilities but often entire power generation fleets, water treatment and distribution systems, or a company's nationwide or global property portfolio.

Our solutions are scalable, flexible and measurable, adapting to your specific goals and targets. This is all while your facilities or city operates in a concurrent maintainable manner avoiding costly shutdowns, lags in production schedules, or major public inconvenience. And because we integrate our environmental teams with engineering and construction projects, we benefit from practical and enhanced awareness, comprehension and coordination of environmental and climate solutions throughout project design, licensing and execution whether upgrading or building new infrastructure.

The outcome: more efficient projects, lower cost and resilient infrastructure that protects people, property and natural habitats.

Climate Action Planning Solutions

From climate resiliency, adaptation, or planning, our solution set is made to be comprehensive or incremental. From economic and vulnerability assessments through to capital prioritization roadmaps and measurement, our teams develop customizable environmental planning and consulting solutions to fit your specific needs. We draw on deep, real-world experience to positively address climate across broad categories including:

  • Energy
  • Water
  • Transportation
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Agriculture
  • Inventory Management
  • Sustainability and Renewables
  • Decarbonization
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