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Environmental Management

Manage air, noise, water and land impacts while meeting and exceeding sustainability and environmental goals

Environmental Management

Reducing environmental impacts – air, noise, water and land – during the construction and operation of your facilities can be achieved by integrating environmental expertise throughout your project’s lifecycle. Our environmental regulatory specialists, scientists, engineers and construction professionals we will help you assess, plan, finance, manage and deliver solutions that can help you meet and exceed your sustainability and environmental goals.

From due diligence assessments to identifying compliance challenges, potential stakeholder concerns, regulatory and environmental risks, our team partners with you to develop cost-effective and low-risk environmental management strategies.

Air emissions standards are rapidly evolving as new regulatory frameworks enter force at the state, national and international level. Drawing on the deployment of major air quality control systems that date back to 1964, we apply extensive and in-depth experience across all industries. We provide full programmatic solutions for upgrading conventional and nuclear power facilities to meet more stringent emissions regulations and can extend our capabilities to plan, manage and deliver air quality management solutions for large energy users including water and wastewater utilities, oil & gas processors, data center providers and other industrial and manufacturing facilities.

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Infrastructure owners and developers must meet varying noise regulation requirements. Black & Veatch’s acoustical engineering professionals can develop long-term environmental and sustainability plans based on a project’s location and technology considerations. Many new forms of infrastructure such as 5G telecommunications sites, distributed electricity generation and storage projects, and edge data centers are being built closer to people’s homes. How project developers manage and reduce noise emissions is critical to protecting customer relationships and operational capacity. Black & Veatch acoustic specialists can provide acoustical design development, environmental noise modeling, ambient sound level surveys and more.

Water regulation is one of the most dynamic, and localized challenges facing infrastructure developers. Black & Veatch has been providing water environmental management solutions around the globe for more than 100 years, our leadership and expertise spans all industries and water-related community issues. We are industry leaders in designing and building advanced water treatment solutions such as desalination, water recycling and reuse, treatment and pollution prevention for mining, data centers and industrial and manufacturing clients. Through integrated planning and design, we deliver infrastructure with lasting environmental and social benefits such as enhanced or reclaimed public spaces, new habitats that advance biodiversity, and recreational resources for communities. As an environmental consultant, our multi-system and cross-sector solutions help clients preserve the quality and strengthen the resilience of their water supplies.


Our wide range of environmental management together with environmental compliance services including: 

  • Environmental Best Practices and Management Plans 
  • Phase 1 and 2 Environmental Site Assessments
  • Multimedia Compliance Planning and Strategy Development
  • Water Conservation, Reuse and Recycling
  • Industrial Water and Wastewater Treatment
  • Water Pollution Prevention
  • Water Treatment Process Evaluations including Pilot Testing
  • Stream Stability Analysis and Design
  • Post-Construction Stormwater Quality Facilities
  • Coastal Resilience
  • Sea Level Rise Planning
  • Green Infrastructure Programs/Planning
  • Green Infrastructure Design
  • Expert Consultation including
    • Rate Case Support
    • Liability Management, including Probabilistic Cost Modelling
  • Capability Enablement (Integration of Net Gain and Natural Capital into Major Infrastructure)
  • Multi-Year Habitat and Protected Species Surveys and Program
  • Public Amenity Enhancements and Community Based Partnerships
  • Stakeholder Engagement
environmental management

Highlight: Environmental Consultancy in the UK

Our clients for critical human infrastructure projects include central and local government, regulators, industry, utilities, UK transport network providers and airports. We provide stand-alone support for private development projects as well as working in integrated teams on the type of large-scale critical infrastructure projects upon which Black & Veatch built its UK & global reputation.

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