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Environmental Services

Environmental Science Services

Reduce costly environmental risks and project schedule delays through environmental science services

Environmental Science Services

Black & Veatch’s seasoned environmental consultants, biologists and cultural resource teams combine their subject matter expertise, unique infrastructure project knowledge with data management and analytics platforms to help clients make sound project planning decisions and investments. Our approach to environmental analyses helps project developers strategically navigate the full range of regulatory programs from local ordinances through complex, international conventions.

We work with our clients to guide them through each project’s specific environmental requirements conducting critical assessments and coordinating critical stakeholder and regulatory engagement. We tailor your project solutions according to innovative data modeling and scientific assessments as well as decades of experience in delivering positive environment, community and business outcomes.

Identifying and analyzing environmental issues and concerns before capital decisions are made is critical to identifying optimal facility sites or project route locations. Analysis of environmental and sensitive resources can identify opportunities to streamline project timelines and reduce project environmental compliance and permitting costs. Our environmental science services can support power, water, and communications infrastructure development across the utility and commercial and industrial sectors and geographies. We consider long-term business plans in the development of your environmental compliance and management strategy for better coordination between environmental agencies and smoother project delivery.

Regulatory or financial requirements can drive the development of Environmental and Social Impact Assessments, and our professionals provide the scientific and regulatory expertise to efficiently assess the impacts of infrastructure project construction and operations. We leverage practical knowledge of the engineering and construction industry developed through decades of supporting Black & Veatch’s world engineering, procurement and construction projects to develop risk mitigation plans and monitoring programs.

From geographic information systems (GIS) analytics to remote data collection, our scientists and engineers utilize the most innovative data acquisition tools and software platforms as part of our environmental services and solutions. We are committed to pursuing new ways to improve the accuracy of environmental forecasts and modeling to help deliver smarter, more sustainable and resilient projects. Our environmental science team collaborates closely with Black & Veatch’s Growth Accelerator, the company’s innovation incubator, to test and discover new platforms and technology partnerships that enrich environmental data and unlock greater value for clients.

Noise regulations vary by region, from broad nuisance regulations to complex sound level limits that may or may not be dependent on ambient sound levels. Our acoustical professionals have the experience to develop noise compliance strategies that are valuable to long-term environmental and sustainability plans. Black & Veatch has provided acoustical evaluations that include equipment and project acoustical design and specifications, environmental noise modeling, ambient sound level surveys, and noise measurements for thousands of projects worldwide. The infrastructure of today and the future – including distributed power generation and edge data centers – are often built within communities. Black & Veatch can help developers manage and reduce noise emissions, which will be critical for good customer relations.

Conducting natural resource inventory mapping is an essential component of project siting and can support meeting an organization's broader sustainability goals. In addition, federal and state legislation protect resources such as bodies of water that provide flood storage, water treatment and wildlife habitat, as well as threatened or endangered species. Black & Veatch environmental professionals include specialists and biologists with knowledge and experience delineating aquatic resource features and consulting with project stakeholders on siting issues, no matter the geographic region. 

In certain regions, identifying solutions for sustainable land development requires deeper exploration of how to preserve natural and historic resources. Black & Veatch's archaeologists and cultural resource experts can help project developers proactively manage resources in project design or during construction to mitigate environmental risks through lab, field or desktop studies and surveys. Our professionals can also liaise and consult with stakeholders and sub-contractors to coordinate cultural requirements.


Our wide range of environmental science services include:

  • Environmental Assessments, Impact Statements, Mitigation Plans and NEPA Compliance
  • Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs)
  • Water Resource Assessments
  • Wetland Delineation and Mitigation
  • Risk Management Plan and Process Safety Management
  • Environmental Noise Assessments
  • Vegetation Surveys and Mapping
  • Endangered and Threatened Species Surveys
  • Wildlife Surveys, Habitat Evaluations, Management Plans
  • Aquatic Biological and Habitat Studies
  • Recreation Resource Analyses
  • Land Use Analyses
  • Landscape & Visual Analyses, Landscape Architecture & Design
  • Socioeconomics Assessments
  • Traffic Analyses
  • Aquatic Resource Delineation
  • Cultural Resources Management

Our wide range of facility siting services include:

  • Siting Methodology Development
  • Site Suitability “Fatal Flaw” Analysis
  • Regional Siting Studies
  • Comparative Site Analysis
  • Linear Facility Route Analysis (high-voltage transmission lines and underground pipelines)
  • GIS Applications, Map and Aerial Photography and Data Management
  • Geological/Hydrogeological Characterization
  • Human Health/Ecological Risk
  • Groundwater Modeling


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