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Environmental Services

Routing and Right of Way

Environmental expertise for every stage of linear projects' lifecycle from routing through damage settlements to close out, including right of way acquisition.


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Linear Routing and Right of Way Acquisition

Selecting and acquiring the most cost effective, optimally operational, and environmentally and socially compliant site for your new or expanded facility is critical for any project, particular for linear route infrastructure such as high-voltage transmission lines, transportation routes or pipelines. Failure to efficiently acquire right of way or to identify environmental risks early in your project can lead to costly rerouting or other delays downstream. 

Integrating the right environmental expertise is a critical component of your success. According to Black & Veatch's Strategic Directions: Electric Report, two in five industry professionals believe siting and environmental permitting processes is the biggest challenge for securing transmission investment.

We provide comprehensive, right-of-way acquisition and GIS-based linear routing services support and program management across the complete life cycle of linear infrastructure. Our integrated team works with you from study area definition and preliminary corridor development, through public outreach and landowner engagement, to final route selection and acquisition as well as construction support and close out.

We are a market leader in the engineering and construction of many linear infrastructure networks including high-voltage transmission lines, underground pipelines and other emerging alternative transportation networks. Our broad experience and proven history provides efficient planning, routing, design, and construction solutions to minimize environmental and landowner impacts, ensure reliability, and meet your cost and schedule requirements.

We provide total right-of-way acquisition services that manage all aspects of land acquisition, including relocations and eminent domain. With expertise and resources available across the U.S. and across disciplines, our integrated team efficiently and effectively addresses landowner concerns throughout the engagement, acquisition and close-out phases, bringing greater cost and schedule certainty to your project.


gis routing

Preliminary Routes in Days, not Weeks

We harness the latest digital tools such as GIS-automated routing software to produce first routing deliverables and options within days, not weeks. 

Draw from a library of more than 1,000 GIS data sources that are continuously updated, allow us to perform routing analyses anywhere including urban or rural settings and for underground or overhead lines. This speeds the process and saves costs compared to manual routing approaches and are further qualified and tailored for each project and client to address any environmental, landowner, historical or other concerns.  Following field reconnaissance, the preliminary alignments are adjusted as appropriate to reflect new data and field conditions. Detailed reporting (crossing reports and mile-posted KMZs) is provided at every stage to promote collaboration within your project teams. 

High Quality Land Services

Our multi-disciplinary teams meet you where you are and offer a flexible range of working options. We work at all scales and types of linear routing projects either integrating our expertise as part of your project’s overall engineering, procurement and construction solution or as a standalone environmental consultant -- providing services such as comprehensive program management in right of acquisition or full environmental permitting support.

Whatever your engagement with us, we focus on high quality project outcomes: efficient planning, routing, design, and construction solutions that minimize environmental and landowner impacts, ensure reliability, and meet your stringent cost and schedule requirements. 

Our services include:

  • Routing & siting feasibility studies for linear facilities (transmission, pipelines, roads, etc.)

  • Existing easement due diligence review to provide an analysis of existing property rights

  • Constructability review and cost estimating

  • Environmental review and permitting support (desktop or onsite wetland delineation; habitat review; cultural resources investigations; federal/state/local permit list development; full permit acquisition support)

  • Self-performing Right of Way (ROW) acquisition or managing vendors, based on project size

  • All aspects of land acquisition, including relocations and eminent domain

  • Linear projects, at both large and small scale, including tight schedules and critical deadlines

  • Total project management, from routing through damage settlements to close out

  • Public outreach support

  • Access roads (permanent and temporary) layout and design

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