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Storm Resiliency and Response

Black & Veatch and our subsidiary Bird Electric prepare and protect your grid systems in response to natural disasters.

Is Your Infrastructure Ready?

We know it keeps energy utilities up at night: a major storm has rolled though and your customers, dependent on you to keep their lights on, are without service. You want to get everything back up and running again as soon as possible. Black & Veatch and our subsidiary Bird Electric share your commitment to these communities. We offer a safe, efficient response to damages and outages caused by extreme weather events. Whether we’re preparing for future storms or providing a rapid response during hard times, Black & Veatch and Bird Electric have the resources to plan and execute recovery strategies across the nation.

Welcoming Bird Electric to the Black & Veatch Family

To bolster our integrated construction solutions, Black & Veatch acquired Bird Electric in May 2023. Bird Electric is a U.S. self-perform electrical construction services provider with a national reach in emergency power restoration. With more than 600 employees, Bird Electric delivers grid solutions and operates in adjacent distributed infrastructure markets including renewables, electric vehicle charging, and connectivity. The company expands Black & Veatch’s existing industry relationships, capabilities, staff resources, and equipment to meet critical infrastructure demands for a wider client base.

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Comprehensive Resiliency Solutions

  • System assessment

  • Climate risk modeling

  • Operational optimizations

  • Technology investment recommendation

  • Personnel training

  • Business case development

  • Scope, cost, schedule, and execution planning

  • Engineering, procurement, and construction

  • Asset management program

  • Monitoring, operations, and maintenance

  • Right-of-way clearance and tree trimming

  • Immediate mobilization of Damage Assessment Teams (DAT)

  • Hundreds of in-house assessment professionals

  • Technology-driven assessment applications

  • Field safety, administrative oversight, and support

  • Aerial drone services

  • 24/7 crew availability and rapid deployment

  • Crew housing and lodging logistics

  • Distribution and transmission power line restoration

  • Pole and infrastructure replacements

  • In-house union and non-union subcontractors

  • Hydrovac and underground drilling and boring

  • Access to specialty equipment

  • Performance optimization and testing

Case Study: Supporting Utilities Through the Biggest Storms of Our Generation

In early 2023, Winter Storm Mara had widespread impacts from Texas to Tennessee – causing more than 150,000 systemwide power outages. A local energy utility hired Bird Electric as an outside contractor to augment their ongoing power restoration efforts. The utility historically hadn’t needed to request external contractor support, but the unprecedented scale of these outages and post-storm conditions of ice and fallen trees called for special expertise. Bird Electric provided essential equipment and placed more than 1,000 full-time employees in the field. Coordinating a vast number of outside resources resulted in various logistical challenges, but Bird Electric was able to expedite crew onboarding and resource allocation – enabling safe and timely restoration of power for the affected community.

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Black & Veatch empowers our clients to prevent history from repeating itself, preparing utilities to respond effectively in the wake of natural disasters. Our team leverages nationwide relationships to immediately mobilize personnel and equipment to affected areas. Led by our subsidiary company Bird Electric, we specialize in mitigating risk and safely restoring power for utilities (and your customers) after ice storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, and wildfires. Contact us to develop a customized plan for your business.

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