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Distributed Infrastructure

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Behind-the-meter Battery
Energy Storage installations

49 GW+

Global Solar PV Installations

8 GW+

Combined Heat & Power (CHP) Experience

We know distributed infrastructure

The changing energy landscape and rising pressures to integrate sustainable technologies are prodding businesses to rethink how they operate. Like their counterparts in the utility space, commercial, industrial and manufacturing companies face challenges from aging infrastructure and a constant need for operational efficiency improvements. Further, distributed organizations have additional challenges to face when it comes to deploying solutions at scale. 

When interconnected and implemented with a programmatic approach, distributed infrastructure can connect energy, water and communications across vast, worldwide networks, utilizing data analytics to simplify asset management and deliver resilience and reliability.

Black & Veatch is hard at work providing project development support, designing and engineering technology platforms, and advising clients across the commercial, industrial and utility sectors to meet their distributed infrastructure needs.

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