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Grid Modernization

From enhanced reliability and resilience to the enablement of a carbon-free energy market we’re helping our clients around the world develop the Grid of the Future.

Grid Modernization Solutions

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We know grid modernization

Major advances in electricity generation, storage and control are transforming the global electricity marketplace. Electric grid operators are challenged with rising demand for reliability and resilience in the face of climate change, aging infrastructure and shifting customer load. They must balance the deployment of smart devices and distributed energy resources that make managing the grid more complex than ever before while ensuring always on reliability. 

Accomplishing this balancing act will require more than just new distribution equipment, but a holistic approach to grid design, finance, management and security. Today’s grid must carry, control and monitor the bi-directional flow of electric power more safely, reliably and efficiently than ever before. Communications infrastructure must be deployed to enable more effective asset management programs and shift operations and maintenance into a proactive approach to ensure customers experience new levels of service.

From technical advisory and planning to engineering, and program construction management and deployment, Black & Veatch’s full range of grid modernization solutions help operators accelerate a more reliable, more distributed grid of the future.

One Partner

We guide you through every stage of grid modernization from master planning to operational analytics, integrating genuine expertise to solve both telecommunications and electrical grid challenges together.

Efficient Delivery

With an informed view of the entire lifecycle and focus on delivering value to you, we integrate the latest innovations and expertise at the right time to improve schedule and cost efficiency.

Our Insights. Your Success.

Our team’s complementary experience working with and for utilities brings a hands-on perspective to help you focus on your business and make better technical, operational and financial decisions at every step of your journey.

A full suite of grid modernization services

Distribution networks are the frontlines of the electric grid, and no two are the same. Weather, population density, geography and a range of other factors require tailored solutions to ensure optimal performance flexibility. Our experience working with utilities brings a hands-on perspective to the distribution networks we’ve helped plan, design, construct, optimize and modernize.

Realizing the benefits of advanced energy infrastructure requires vision and pragmatism. As leaders in power, telecommunications, asset management and program execution, we guide our clients through the rapidly evolving infrastructure lifecycle to deliver the quality program outcomes you need.  

From renewable integration, energy storage and decarbonization programs to enhanced reliability for customers, we offer the right blend of expertise and hands-on experience, delivered by industry-leading engineering, construction, communications, and program management teams. This collaboration enables you to navigate the changing electricity market and evolving stakeholder expectations with the confidence and expertise necessary to keep projects on time and budget.

We understand your challenges

Utility planners know that improving the reliability of the grid, enhancing operational efficiency and addressing aging infrastructure are the top three drivers for grid modernization programs. The benefits of programmatic approaches across the entire distribution system go beyond efforts to integrate smart metering. The grid of the future must be more – it must accommodate an unprecedented wave of digital devices, and be more reliable, resilient and sustainable while supporting the advancement of distributed energy resources.  

Delivering the grid of the future will require integrating new technology and software — representing a sweeping shift toward digitalization and data. Embracing and investing in organizational transformation, large-scale integrated communications networks and an array of always-on, always-connected devices will manage and enable new levels of system automation and flexibility.

Black & Veatch’s approach to successful grid modernization programs starts with understanding the fully integrated communications infrastructure required to support utilities’ demands for reliability and efficiency, and customers’ expectations for greater energy flexibility. Highly secure, highly reliable, private fiber and wireless networks enable value creation from system data, enhanced asset management functionality and the capacity to operationalizing every asset in front of- and behind-the-meter.

The grid of the future must take into consideration all the necessary applications — the automation, analytics, asset management and security — that will enable a robust utility operation. The utility landscape is changing, and we help electricity service providers define, develop and deliver the outcomes they need to succeed in this rapidly modernizing world.

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