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All technologies, all scales and a solution for every step in your journey.


We’re preparing the world for a future when renewable energy — solar photovoltaic, wind, hydropower and distributed generation, for example — represents more installed capacity than traditional power generation.

Renewables are well-positioned to offer utilities new sources of revenue while commercial and industrial sectors partner with traditional power suppliers to generate, distribute and store their own clean energy. As sustainable infrastructure becomes increasingly accessible to all, lower-cost distributed energy will further advance people’s lives and enable economic prosperity.

We strive to simplify this transition working at all scales and stages of renewable infrastructure planning and deployment. This can mean solving the intermittency challenges renewables face today with solutions like distributed infrastructure: multiple types of renewable generation, battery storage and smart distribution technologies. Or it can see us addressing technical issues power generators and regulators face in the integration of renewable energy technologies with existing generation and transmission assets. Or providing turnkey asset development or construction solutions.

At the same time, we’re staying ahead of the future with innovations such as “floatovoltaics” — solar panels mounted on the surface of water bodies — and other technologies that drive down the overall costs of access to renewable solutions.  There are many reasons for excitement about the future of renewables.

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