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Smart Cities

Create more connected, safer, resilient and ingenious futures.

The U.N. estimates that by 2050, two-thirds of the world’s 9.7 billion people will live in cities. The demands on the infrastructure of our future megalopolises will require not just “smart” solutions, but creative, innovative, ingenious ones.

Black & Veatch is passionate about making infrastructure work to enhance the lives of the people and communities that use it. For example, we partnered with Verizon to make Sacramento, California, more connected and safer for its residents. The $100 million project will reduce car accident deaths by studying traffic flow and collecting data from sensors installed at 12 major intersections. Our buildout of public Wi-Fi will connect residents in 27 parks, and 5G networks are going up now that will enable the development and deployment of smart city applications for years to come.

The future of connected communities requires the critical layers of smart infrastructure — energy, water, transportation, data and telecommunications — to work together seamlessly and sustainably to enhance human lives.

Integrated Smart Solutions

Communications networks and the internet of things expand connectivity across city sectors, assets and citizens. In response, the range of smart solutions and participants has skyrocketed, emphasizing digital tech integration. From smart kiosks and energy efficient buildings to smart transportation planning, we work with city leaders and industry trailblazers, to plan, design, and implement scalable, integrated solutions. These solutions help leaders expand connected services, enhance city system efficiency, and heighten quality of life for citizens.

  • Smart/safe city roadmap and Investment Accelerator
  • Advanced transportation solutions including Vision Zero strategies
  • Smart city system engineering and construction
  • Electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles, traffic management
  • Smart buildings/occupancy
  • Connected healthcare and education campuses

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