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Cities Have Problems. Smart Cities Have Solutions.

You know what your city needs. Black & Veatch makes it possible. Plan, design, and build your smart city with us and start living the dream. 

Build Sustainable and Resilient Communities

Imagine a city that manages critical services—like transportation, water, and electricity—as connected, efficient networks. Envision a community where systems use real-time data to create an awareness of emerging situations and shift operating paths within seconds to reflect optimal response. Imagine a place that is livable, sustainable, and resilient. This is Black & Veatch’s idea of a connected community.

Black & Veatch helps communities design and build their infrastructure to efficiently interconnect and integrate with its physical assets including kiosks, streetlights, security cameras, utility systems, and related applications. Our insight helps communities get the desired functions and expected value of smart technologies. These solutions help leaders expand connected services, enhance city system efficiency, and heighten quality of life for citizens.

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