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How We Hire

Whether you're new to the job market or you're mid-career and looking for a change... we want your entire BV experience to be positive, and that starts with our hiring process. 


Did they get my resume? What’s their interview style? What’s the next step?

So much of what we don’t like about a job search boils down to a lack of transparency. We don’t believe it has to be that way; we want you to have a clear understanding of each step in our process, so you know what to expect from us, and when.

hiring process

We’ll stay in touch

Too many times, it feels like a resume or application disappears into a black hole. So once we’ve been in touch with you to start the interview process, we’ll stay in touch. We’ll make sure everyone’s clear on next steps, that you have the information you need to have a successful interview, and that you’re up to date on the status of your application.

No matter which position we’re interviewing for, we look for candidates who value diverse opinions, who are comfortable learning on the fly, who work well in a collaborative environment, and who hold themselves to the highest standards of integrity and accountability. Learn more about our interview process

We’ve made sure our hiring process is adaptable and accessible to anyone who’s interested in joining our team. From start to finish, we’ll work to meet any unique needs you may have, and give you every chance to show us your best. For more information about reasonable accommodation, please visit our accessibility page.

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