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Providing resilient solutions to our nation’s critical mission facilities, infrastructure, and programs worldwide.

We know government

When planning for a future filled with uncertainty, great leaders don’t go at it alone. Black & Veatch works alongside all levels of government – federal, state and local – to develop, build and protect critical and integrated energy, water and communications infrastructure. We bring more than 100 years of experience and expertise to every project from partnering on humanitarian efforts to helping the military keep communities safe. Our team is your team, working to improve lives today and prepare for a more resilient, secure tomorrow.

The critical human infrastructure we deliver improves quality of life around the world, spurring economic growth and driving towards a more sustainable future. We deliver successful project outcomes that mitigate risk and maximize increasingly limited resources in all that we do. Our experts are proficient and experienced at addressing challenges unique to government service such as working to provide clean drinking water, preventing large headline-grabbing security breaches, or supporting critical mission defense projects and pathogen outbreaks.

Integrated services for all levels of government

We understand that many of our government clients must balance the need to innovate with reliability in a world pushing for greater sustainability across supply chains and project delivery approaches. Our extensive geographic network of expertise and relationships enable us to integrate optimal forward-looking teams for every stage of a project’s development. This results in highly-customized solutions that comply with the unique financial and regulatory project requirements regardless of national or international location.

We deliver a new perspective grounded in more than a century of engineering, procurement and construction expertise to help solve the world’s toughest challenges and deliver results quickly and efficiently. Great leaders don’t go at it alone – and we are here to help. Learn more about the government contract vehicles we support.

Reliable & Resilient

Reliable critical mission and resilient solutions delivered with no learning curve, to budget and on schedule, creating safer and more sustainable communities.


We scale to meet your challenge in any location through an extensive network of expertise and relationships, integrating teams that deliver quality and seamless experiences.


With long-serving relationships, and many veterans in our ranks, we intuitively understand teamwork, the warfighter mindset and high consequence demands of government projects.

Military Veterans - continue your mission and join us

We are always seeking talent who want to build the future with us. 

As a veteran, the skills and experience you learned in uniform are highly valued at Black & Veatch. Your strong work ethic, leadership skills, teamwork focus, and service mindset are key assets in facing our clients' toughest challenges.  If you are looking to translate your military skills into civilian qualifications, please learn how you can achieve this with us here.

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