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Critical Mission Facilities

Reliable, efficient and no-learning curve solutions to deliver tomorrow's warfighter facilities so that your high-consequence mission is safely and successfully completed.

Critical Mission Facilities

Tomorrow's warfighter needs proven and reliable next-generation solutions that support the safe and successful completion of your high-consequence mission.

Implementation of secure, resilient and sustainable solutions require greater levels of innovation and collaboration that meet the ever-changing needs of your operating environment. We know the criticality of your mission, and our specialized and dedicated teams work seamlessly with you to reduce the risk of failure through all stages of a project's development and deployment. When failure is not an option, we deliver the outcomes you need. 

Full-Service Engineering

Delivery of complex design solutions for critical mission facilities that support your high-consequence missions using an integrated project team approach.

Trusted Partner

Proven past performance with over 100 years for critical mission facilities, missile defense programs, weapons generations, and threat reduction.

Future Ready

Award winning, innovative solutions provider implementing state-of-the-art technologies and first-of-its-kind facilities.

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Full Suite of Critical Mission Facility Solutions

Black & Veatch is a full-service AEC provider specializing in master planning/programming, feasibility studies, design, construction phase services and commissioning for critical mission facilities. We have successfully provided unique solutions on defense programs for more than 100 years. We help solve complex technical challenges on time and on-budget, all in the interest of protecting against worldwide threats. Our capabilities in high-consequence missions result in no learning curve, knowledge of the technical requirements ensures the facilities meet these requirements, and surety that power requirements are achieved both on and off the grid. We deliver solutions that are optimal, functional, reliable, resilient and sustainable.

We understand your challenges

Black & Veatch specializes in the design and construction of critical mission facilities. Our solutions are often required by DoD, DOE, Base Installation Department of Public Works (DPW) Office and the implementing agencies that provide these services to military base installations – ultimately our troops rely on these services to execute their duties. Our clients often need assistance defining the requirements of their programs aligning schedule and cost with their programs. They come to Black & Veatch for our integrated project team approach and expertise we have within these programs to assist them with these unique critical mission projects. Our work on complex projects involves multiple stakeholders and interfaces with other designs.

We understand requirements-based facilities beyond typical military construction and specialty requirements such as physical security, electromagnetic shielding, blast, redundancy, and seismic. During construction, we know the need for greater involvement is required from the designer to verify the contractor meets requirements and commissioning is more complex because of redundant systems.

Black & Veatch ensures weapons facilities are coordinated with weapon providers and changes to during weapons system development are incorporated as design and construction is executed. We understand the importance of interaction with the local utility is key for power conversion, the need to be able to characterize the load, and evaluation of impacts to the commercial power system. To assure facilities are integrated with weapons system requirements resulting in reduction of re-work for on-time and on-cost delivery, Black & Veatch has extensive experience working with weapons system contractors to achieve interface success. 


Improving Critical Mission Facilities Across Our History

Black & Veatch specializes in complex, and often one-of-a-kind programs requiring a high degree of specialist capabilities, including physical security, electromagnetic shielding, blast, redundancy, and seismic design. We have earned our reputation by delivering high quality, innovative, and cost-effective system products. We designed the first generation of atomic weapons storage facilities under the original Manhattan Project and we have remained continuously involved in programs of national significance since. Today, we are actively performing hundreds of military projects for the U.S. Department of Defence (DoD), including the U.S. Missile Defense Agency and the Defense Threat Reduction Agency in CONUS and OCONUS locations.

Our in-house multi-disciplined staff of architects, engineers and scientists have completed many of these designs under highly aggressive schedules to meet mission commitments.  Designs are often produced concurrently with the evolving facility requirements, requiring close coordination with multiple stakeholders to avoid rework and to coordinate interfaces with mission equipment installed in the facilities. Black & Veatch has unparalleled past performance designing weapons generation facility programs. We have a high level of expertise in highly technical/high-consequential facilities including: redundancies, microgrids, energy management, SCIF construction, automated daylighting, RF shielding, smart facilities/cities, separated communications systems, and LO/CRF.

Black & Veatch is dedicated to providing excellence for your High-Consequence Missions, no matter what type of critical mission facility, to every project:

  • Solutions that aid to a greater level of mission assurance and lethality
  • Providing solutions that incorporate resiliency, redundancy, reliability and sustainability into engineering solutions
  • Providing energy solutions that provide mission assurance, reduce cost and provide greater consumption and utilization efficiencies
  • Addressing environmental concerns
  • Solutions that fit within client funding constraints
  • Modernization that meet current codes, safety and environmental guidelines
  • Safe, functional systems that provide extended equipment life and reduced unscheduled shutdowns and repairs
  • Facilities at the cutting edge of performance coupled with ever longer life spans
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