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A proven partner in security design to support secure and reliable mission completion in the face of today's and tomorrow's full range of ever-evolving threats.


Mission-critical infrastructure must not only be designed and built to fulfill its purpose on day one, but it must remain fully operational for years and decades to come through the full range of today’s and tomorrow’s threats. Regardless of whether these threats consist of attempted breaches of secure areas, assaults using long-ranged weapons, cyber-based intrusions, or CBRN attacks originating from Nation-state adversaries, transnational terrorist groups, or criminal activity, we have the knowledge and experience to provide you solutions for a secure and reliable mission.

Long History of Service

More than 100 years of experience working with Federal clients

Trusted approach

Entrusted by our nation with its highest-priority missions to ensure continued national security

Tailored Solutions

We have the depth and breadth of knowledge and experience to provide you answers, whether it’s a design to minimum UFC standards or a multi-tiered, unique security system to multiple high-level threats

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Full Suite of Security Services

Our multi-discipline teams are tailored for your requirements. We have proven expertise across a broad range of security needs including physical security, protective design, cyber security, electronic security, Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) design, biological and nuclear security, and the unique and challenging security requirements of data centers.

When your project requires even more specialization, we have a suite of proven industry partners to enhance our capabilities, which ensures that your needs are met by the exact proven solution. Our ability to tailor our approach to your precise needs translates to a delivered project that is within budget and of a level of quality that you would expect from someone with whom you’ve entrusted our nation’s security.

We understand your challenges

We collaborate closely with civilian and military Federal agencies and other institutions including the utilities, financial institutions, health agencies, and foreign government agencies to determine their unique goals and issues. From that knowledge, we develop comprehensive solutions that include cost effectiveness, constructability, and regulatory compliance in the local environment as well as meeting the security requirements. Our mission is to support clients in limiting mission downtime, casualties, facility damage, data loss, data breaches, intrusions and release or theft of sensitive material.


Improving Security Across Our History

Since 1915, Black & Veatch has been committed to developing and maintaining a reputation as a reliable and trusted partner with our clients. Our project experience ranges from simple perimeter security and access control to the sophisticated systems used to protect nuclear and biological materials in the U.S. and overseas. On every project, we capitalize on the more than 10,000 professional resources of Black & Veatch, selecting people with the best education, experience, and technical background to meet your specific goals. Our professionals are trained in a variety of proven approaches, both military and commercial, including the Sandia Risk Assessment Methodology (RAM) and Vulnerability Assessment and Protection Option (VAPO).

Designing the optimal security solution requires more than engineering knowledge. It requires an understanding of mission parameters, strengths and vulnerabilities, threats and countermeasures, and most of all, human nature. We have developed this understanding through more than 100 years of service on diverse, secure Federal government programs. We are also fully independent from security equipment manufacturers, ensuring that our sole priority on every project is to find the right solution for your challenge. Nothing is more important than protecting our nation’s security.

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