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Transmission & Distribution

Transmission & Distribution Solutions

A modern grid requires modern solutions and technologies. To build the grid of the future, clients must make efficient use of their existing facilities, adapt to ever-changing generation sources, and be able to integrate greater amounts of intermittent renewable resources, all without sacrificing reliability.

Black & Veatch is a full-service engineering provider with in-house procurement and construction capabilities. We also provide expertise in substation siting, transmission line-routing, all types of permitting, and all environmental areas.

Our professionals help clients navigate complex regulatory requirements, such as NERC-CIP and FERC Order 1000, justify critical capital investments, and provide advanced system planning for a wide range of needs. With offices across the US and around the world, we have a breadth of resources to support any size project or program. Operating in diverse locations means our professionals have a deep knowledge of the local issues facing our clients.


We use cutting-edge technology to perform analytical services, from interconnection studies to short circuit analysis to load flow studies. We focus on close client interaction and communication to complete comprehensive, detailed studies tailored to provide a clear roadmap for project success.

  • Load Flow.
  • Load Forecasting.
  • Reactive Power and Compensation Studies.
  • Stability Study.
  • Grounding Analysis and Mitigation.
  • Reliability Assessment.
  • Ferroresonance Avoidance and Mitigation.
  • System Design and Operational Audit.

High-voltage direct current (HVDC) provides an efficient means for moving bulk power over long distances. When considering HVDC options, our clients benefit from our extensive planning, design and construction experience. Specific experience includes engineering for converter stations up to +/- 320kV, using voltage source converter technology. We’ve also implemented converter stations up to +/- 500kV using commutated converter technology.

Power delivery challenges are consistently growing in complexity. A variety of factors are driving the need for overhead and underground transmission lines to move electricity more efficiently. Learn more about our overhead and underground transmission experience.

At Black & Veatch, we have a seasoned team of experts with significant power system analysis and planning experience. Our capabilities, effective communication skills and cutting edge analytical tools allow us to smoothly integrate your project into the complex grid system.

Effectively managing voltage levels and power quality across the grid is critical to reducing system losses, conserving energy and managing peak demand. With greater levels of intermittent and varying resources connecting to the grid, power quality is essential to maintaining reliability and effective grid management. Black & Veatch has constructed more than 175 voltage and VAR support projects and has completed more than 150 capacitor bank installations, providing our clients with proven project execution capabilities.

Effective management is critical to a successful project. Our extensive project management resume includes thousands of successful projects that meet client budget and schedule expectations while also improving project safety and providing clients with cost-saving innovations.

To be successful, we use LEAN principles and the latest scheduling and management tools to oversee and coordinate the many moving parts of a project. Our GIS-based management tool, IlluminatorTM, is an intuitive and efficient platform for clients, contractors, and design teams, allowing collaboration on a single project or an entire program. Using Illuminator, the project team can quickly access statuses and pertinent project information anytime and anywhere from a variety of devices.

Black & Veatch has developed a three-pronged approach to protection engineering services. We utilize (1) a dedicated protection settings team, (2) customizable process maps, and  (3) continually updated quality assurance checklists and design guides to meet critical client needs in transmission and distribution substations.

The growing number of interactive “smart” devices on the power grid requires an integrated approach to system planning, including telecommunications. It’s the best way to ensure that all grid assets operate in a reliable, cost-effective manner.

  • Protection and control infrastructure.
  • Voltage regulation equipment.
  • SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) upgrades.
  • AMI (advanced metering infrastructure).
  • Smart meter infrastructure.
  • Smart Analytics Programs.
  • Customer Systems.

This group, dedicated specifically to Power Delivery, is comprised of subject matter specialists who are each project managers within their own areas of specialty. Specialty Services ensures Power Delivery has staff to execute the full scope of project work and supports stand-alone endeavors within each specialty area: Environmental, Geotech, ROW Acquisition and Site Development.

  • Environmental - Black & Veatch’s full-service, in-house environmental and permitting specialists are experienced in application preparation and agency consultations for all Federal, State and Local permits. They provide total project management for all environmental and permitting needs, handling everything from field investigations to the management of sub-consultants.
  • Geotech – This group provides high-quality, accurate design and consultations for all aspects of geotechnical design and field services, including, but not limited to: foundation design, dewatering systems, slope stability and field investigation reports.
  • ROW Acquisition – Our ROW acquisition professionals deliver innovative land services solutions for globally diverse clients. This group can self-perform Right of Way (ROW) acquisition or manage vendors, based on project size. This includes all aspects of land acquisition, including relocations and eminent domain, and total project management, from routing through damage settlements to close out.
  • Site Development – This team produces innovative, accurate site development designs and consultations for all aspects of grading, drainage, flood studies, coastal improvements, linear facilities, permitting support, SWPPP generation, field inspection/support and project management. This work has been performed globally for a diverse set of clients and contracting strategies, from utilities to EPC contractors.

We enable reliable and secure grid operations through the design and construction of robust substation and related interconnection facilities, ranging up to 500kV. Learn more about our substation and grid interconnections experience.

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