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Electric Aviation

Electric Aviation

With increasing traffic, cities are gazing above the gridlock for solutions in the skies. eVTOLs are emerging as a way to sidestep urban congestion when moving goods and people. Like drone deliveries, aerial ridesharing could become part of our new mobility and a cornerstone of clean transportation. eVOTLs can reduce traffic, slash noise in cities, and quickly navigate densely populated areas without causing the air pollution of traditional engines. 

Encouraged by the technical innovation and success of electric vehicles (EV) and fleets, the eVTOL market is taking off. But, adding another mode of electric travel puts even more emphasis on charging infrastructure and power delivery. Planning is critical because eVTOLs are not just aircraft—they require a system of integrated communication, power delivery, and electrification networks. Utilities and cities need to plan now to support large-scale electrification that will soon dominate our roads and skies. 

Black & Veatch is the market leader in electric vehicle infrastructure site selection, permitting, design, engineering, utility coordination and construction. Our experience includes buildout of the largest U.S. charging networks – the Tesla Supercharger Network and the Electrify America charging network. We are helping utilities plan for charging impacts and create their own charge-ready networks. Now, as a founding member of the nonprofit Community Air Mobility Initiative, Black & Veatch is helping communities prepare for the electric aviation future. 

Urban Air Mobility Feasibility Study

The key to electrifying air travel will be building resilient charging infrastructure for today with room to scale for future needs. Black & Veatch recently teamed with the National Institute of Aerospace (NIA), on behalf of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), to conduct an Urban Air Mobility Electrical Infrastructure Study to understand how the grid, civic infrastructure, and fueling systems needs to change to soar into the zero-emission future.  

Electric Aviation Stakeholders

Black & Veatch has been managing relationships between power, government and infrastructure stakeholders for decades. Urban air mobility is no different.   

  • Electric Utilities / Charging Service Providers 

    • Understand impact of distributed and aggregated eVTOL charging along distribution lines. 

    • Establish managed charging and infrastructure planning programs. 

  • Telecommunications Companies 

    • Develop foundational connectivity, security and infrastructure components to support connected/autonomous eVTOL 

    • 5G network densification 

  • Regional Authorities & Planners 

    • Convene to encourage knowledge and resource sharing through the Community Air Mobility Initiative 

    • Assist with new policy and infrastructure planning and creation to enable UAM in communities 

  • Vehicle Makers 

    • Work together to bring electric aviation to life in urban environments including innovations in product development, safety and charging 

    • Share data to inform electrification planning and charging operations.

Community Air Mobility Initiative Launches

Black & Veatch joins new industry association to support the responsible integration of air mobility into urban transportation


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