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Hydrogen Filling Stations

Hydrogen Filling Stations

The demand for hydrogen fuel stations is increasing as manufacturers release new models of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles (FCVs), fuel cell electric buses (FCEBs), railways, and machinery and materials handling equipment, such as forklift trucks.

Advancing clean, zero-emission transportation, hydrogen fuel cells generate electricity using electrochemical reactions, rather than combustion, so vehicles release no harmful emissions. Fuel-cell powered vehicles have longer run times and refuel faster than electric vehicles take to charge.

First Hydrogen Fueling Station Network in U.S. History

Full EPC Services

Black & Veatch is the market leader in engineering, permitting, design, construction and integration of hydrogen filling stations. Our pioneering U.S. hydrogen station deployment experience sets us apart. Our specialized project management ensures a coordinated approach, whether for a single site or multiple, concurrent sites.

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We provide expertise in:

Engineering model templates for rapid, standardized site development


Permitting to expedite jurisdictional approvals


Procurement and subcontracts management to rapidly scale


Project Story: Hydrogen Highway

FirstElement Fuel Inc.


Black & Veatch and FirstElement Fuel Inc. are working to rapidly bring hydrogen fueling stations to consumers in California who want a zero emission option for their cars. FirstElement Fuel selected Black & Veatch to engineer, permit and construct 19 hydrogen refueling stations across California.

The project represents the first stage of a comprehensive program for constructing a statewide True Zero hydrogen network. It is the single largest deployment of hydrogen fueling stations in the United States. 

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