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Today’s water industry is becoming increasingly digital, with data analytics opening the door to powerful, useful insights that can address everything from water quality, asset performance and leak detection, to integrated planning and energy reduction.


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Transforming the Water Industry

Data underpins trends across the industry, including clients’ top sustainability opportunities in maintaining and increasing the life of critical infrastructure. Our clients’ asset management programs align their people, processes, technologies and data analytics to optimize asset use and meet performance goals, prioritize decision-making and investment, reduce costs and have a clear evaluation of risk.

Black & Veatch is engaged in every aspect of the water industry, helping clients efficiently and effectively collect, store, move and treat water and wastewater; plan and manage watersheds; harness the energy embedded in the treatment and movement of water; and enhance sustainability.

Water Resiliency

Sustainability is about more than being green. It’s about driving resilience and long-term strategic, operational and financial strength. Alternative water supply is becoming critical as droughts, water scarcity and seawater intrusion affect daily life in communities around the globe. Black & Veatch has long been on the cutting edge of desalination and water reuse technologies, helping clients bolster their water supply portfolios. Our clients are generating biogas to power their facilities, as well as extracting nutrients from waste that previously polluted downstream rivers and oceans. Plus, they’re enabling hydropower solutions that help communities develop clean, reliable, renewable energy sources and increase resilience.

Black & Veatch-delivered systems protect the environment and conserve precious water supply. We deliver solutions that repair aging water infrastructure, preserve and protect groundwater and watersheds, provide effective flood control, and manage storm drainage. Our clients get the benefit of advisors who use proven methods, industry best practices and advanced analytical models to help them optimize asset performance. With a focus on data analytics, Black & Veatch helps to drive a coordinated effort in realizing value across our clients’ organizations.

"Digital water is the critical enabler for a sustainable water industry. Data analytics is helping us guide utility leaders in long range planning and investment strategies by identifying opportunity, managing risk, and improving service to their customers."

Cindy Wallis-Lage
President, Water.

Keeping Pace with PFAS Webinar

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) are mostly unregulated chemicals. Stable and highly resistant to heat, oil and water, PFAS are used in products from firefighting to food packaging to consumer goods. Because the characteristics that make them effective in products also allow them to migrate easily through soil and water and persist in the environment, PFAS are drawing increased scrutiny from health agencies, utilities and the public for their effects on human health. This webinar reviews the chemistry and use of PFAS, discusses regulatory strategies and trends and provides a pragmatic look at the issue from the drinking water, wastewater/biosolids and utility perspectives.

water services

Water Services


We make the use of water - whether it’s raw water, drinking water, wastewater, stormwater, or recycled water - resilient, reliable, safe, and affordable wherever and whenever it’s needed.


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