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ASSET360™ smart water analytics applications available in FATHOM Store

Software for direct purchase allows quick and easy adoption

Black & Veatch has partnered with FATHOM Water Management, Inc., to offer ASSET360™ data analytics applications on their recently launched online marketplace. The FATHOM Store allows water utilities to purchase and quickly adopt smart analytics services, risk-free. 

The FATHOM Store offers innovative water technologies for utilities that help streamline business processes, recover revenue and better engage with customers.

“Water providers are looking for ways to integrate smart solutions now more than ever,” said Cindy Wallis-Lage, President of Black & Veatch’s water business.

“However, many struggle with how to start finding, adapting and implementing new technologies. The FATHOM Store bridges this gap, allowing utilities ready to improve water use efficiency to acquire ASSET360™ asset management solutions that provide powerful, actionable intelligence.”

Cindy Wallis-Lage, President of Black & Veatch’s water business

ASSET360™ analytics tools visually interpret data to enable informed and timely decision-making for maximum system performance. Applications now available on the FATHOM Store include: 

  • Water Performance Analyst: The Water Performance Analyst uses system performance data to aggregate and calculate key performance indicators (KPIs) for assets in a water, wastewater, or water reuse system. Calculations focus on energy and chemical use and the corresponding cost to pump or treat the water. 
  • Combined Heat & Power Performance Analyst: The Combined Heat & Power Performance Analyst provides performance monitoring and optimization tools for combined heat and power systems at wastewater treatment facilities. Real-time operational data analytics track KPIs such as digester gas production, storage, thermal and electrical output and equipment up-time and reliability. Financial performance is measured by capturing energy production and calculating electricity savings and revenue against operations and maintenance costs. 
  • Water Membrane Performance Analyst: The Water Membrane Performance Analyst monitors the performance of a membrane system in terms of energy consumption, fouling potential and cleaning effectiveness. The application provides feedback on the short-term and long-term health of the membrane and facilitates comparison across trains and cleaning techniques. 

FATHOM is a software-as-a-service company helping water utilities do more with declining resources. With rapidly deployable, risk-free, cloud-based solutions that address all aspects of the meter-to-cash verticals for water utilities, FATHOM increases revenue and decreases costs. Water utilities trying to simplify the adoption of technology can use the FATHOM Store as a marketplace to acquire and access new technology. FATHOM was built by a water utility, for water utilities and delivers a risk-free solution to more than 160 community water systems across the United States.

FATHOM’s expert team thoroughly vets each product submitted and selects only top-performing tools for Store inclusion. Through open application program interfaces (APIs), technology companies can exchange data with FATHOM, as well as utilities, to deliver maximum value. 

Editor’s Notes:

  • The ASSET360™ platform was developed by Black & Veatch’s Smart Integrated Infrastructure (SII) business. SII solutions use extracted data and visual displays to direct and enable data-driven decision making.   
  • Black & Veatch has provided asset analytic solutions to utility clients for more than 20 years and has operated smart analytics monitoring and diagnostics services for more than 10 years.

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