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Atonix Digital™ launches new asset and data management software lineup

ASSET360® portfolio optimizes infrastructure from planning and building through operations

The role of data analytics is evolving. No longer just a way to measure and inform plant operators about established systems, data is now an end-to-end solution – guiding an organization across the entire infrastructure and asset lifecycle: Planning. Building. Operating.

Atonix DigitalTM, a wholly owned subsidiary of Black & Veatch focused on data-driven software applications, announces today the evolution of its ASSET360® analytics portfolio. The cloud-based platform provides clients with a one-stop solution that employs analytics to help do everything from manage risk, plan capital spending, avoid construction problems and monitor system health.

Pressured by limited capital, rising customer expectations and growing sustainability efforts to reduce resource consumption, clients are increasingly turning to data analytics to improve all aspects of the infrastructure lifecycle.

Built around five core products – Risk Assessment, Investment Planning, Program Management, Performance Analysis and Monitoring & Diagnostics – ASSET360’s portfolio is an integrated platform for planning, capital investment information and asset health. Clients now have unprecedented views into their projects across an entire project lifecycle: from planning and design through to operations and maintenance.

“ASSET360 is purpose-built to help the owners and operators of complex infrastructure systems gain a pervasive understanding of current and emerging situations, what to do, and what is at risk,” said Paul McRoberts, President of Atonix Digital. “The old saying, ‘You can’t manage what you don’t measure’ has new life in this era of highly-networked systems that are exchanging data at staggering rates. That data is waiting to inform you about your assets and projects, and ASSET360 provides a better understanding of options and option value, actions taken, and magnitude of saving and profits attributable to actions.”

For many years, ASSET360 has been helping utility and large enterprise clients glean more information from their systems, which is crucial to better business decision-making. Among the clients for which Atonix Digital and ASSET360 is making a difference:

  • ​Great River Energy, a Minnesota-based not-for-profit electric cooperative, used Atonix Digital Monitoring & Diagnostics, powered by ASSET360, to bring efficiency and new understandings about the health of the systems used at the cooperative’s Coal Creek power station in North Dakota. Beyond reinvigorating Great River’s preventive maintenance program, Atonix Digital Monitoring & Diagnostics and Black & Veatch’s Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics service has given the utility the ability to monitor, analyze, diagnose and resolve issues quickly – giving engineering teams new flexibility to work on more strategic projects. Through a combination of extended asset life, reduced outages, and other efficiencies, Great River Energy has benefited from hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings.
  • ASSET360 plays a significant role in a new microgrid at Shell’s Technology Center in Houston, where a Black & Veatch-designed and constructed microgrid will incorporate solar photovoltaic, natural gas-fueled reciprocating engine and advanced battery storage technology. The microgrid is designed to accommodate future additional resources, with the ASSET360 platform providing actionable insights about the microgrid’s performance and allowing Shell operators to optimize operation based on energy demand, solar production and other conditions.
  • ASSET360 helps manage the data that water reclamation facilities collect from laboratory systems and SCADA. The platform has been implemented at the River Wastewater Treatment Plant in Lawrence, Kansas, to monitor process performance and diagnose plant upsets. The tool has allowed process engineers to monitor the plant, communicate process recommendations, frequently summarize plant performance and identify opportunities for cost savings.
  • About Atonix

Atonix Digital develops and offers a portfolio of products that help simplify asset management by putting your data to work – to optimize performance, improve reliability and efficiency, detect emerging risks and provide an easily justifiable return on your investment. Atonix Digital is a Black & Veatch Company. Visit for more information.


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  • See us at Utility Analytics Week, Oct. 25 to 26 in Orlando, in booth 11.


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