Black & Veatch Launches COVOPERATE Mobile “Boarding Pass” to Support Comprehensive Return-To-Work Programs | Black & Veatch

Black & Veatch Launches COVOPERATE Mobile “Boarding Pass” to Support Comprehensive Return-To-Work Programs

Powered by Field2Base, COVOPERATE offers secure, HIPAA-compliant health tracking and notifications to accelerate safe-work efforts

As return-to-work programs kick off across the United States, Black & Veatch announces the launch of COVOPERATE, an innovative new workforce management application powered by Field2Base that can help employers navigate the complex challenge of safely and productively restoring operations impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Part of a comprehensive safety suite augmented by on-site, physical screening resources, COVOPERATE is a flexible, scalable cloud-based application that tracks and manages professionals’ critical health data.  COVOPERATE relies on a series of screening questions and health declarations paired with in-person temperature checks and other safety protocols to generate an easily trackable “boarding pass” to assist in evaluating if professionals are clear to return to work or require additional verification.  

“Black & Veatch worked closely with Field2Base to design an easy to use ‘boarding pass’ type of solution for businesses, schools and commercial groups looking to minimize risk in their return to work programs,” said John Chevrette, president of Black & Veatch Management Consulting. “By collecting specific health data determined by each organization, COVOPERATE quickly evaluates an individual’s return to work status and shares it with on-site resources that can determine appropriate site access.”

By digitizing information and securely managing the data in a secure, HIPAA-compliant and audited platform hosted by Field2Base, COVOPERATE helps organizations ranging from commercial and industrial businesses to education, government and financial organization settings to assist in establishing enhanced safety site access programs. In addition, the data provided by COVOPERATE can also assist in management of complex, daily labor workflows by providing location validation and a real-time view into available staffing resources.

Based in North Carolina, Field2Base is a software company that specializes in developing field service automation and mobile form solutions. The company will manage the collection and processing of professionals’ health data and provide technical support for COVOPERATE at the organization level.

The application is currently in market testing with select large enterprise companies across the U.S. and will support access management for millions of workers. Black & Veatch will also begin to use COVOPERATE to help foster the long-term safe return of its professionals.

“We are thrilled to work with Black & Veatch and to rely on their engineering leadership and combine our mobile technology expertise to design COVOPERATE,” said Ed White, CEO and Chairman, Field2Base. “Helping organizations get back to work safely and productively will be critical as we continue to navigate the global impacts of COVID-19.”

A global leader in critical infrastructure services, Black & Veatch has introduced several solutions that support business activities and return-to-work efforts impacted by COVID-19, including BV Safe Contact, a cloud-hosted geospatial tracking tool designed to help keep field services and construction crews working on critical infrastructure projects safe, and the Rapid Modular Health System (RaMHS), which provides testing and screening capabilities outside of traditional healthcare or business security settings.


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