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Grid Modernization: New Black & Veatch eBook Navigates the Path Towards More Resilient, Reliable Electric Systems

Free download offers nine steps that utilities can take to embrace grid modernization

Shifting generation profiles, climate change, aging infrastructure and cybersecurity continue to challenge the reliability and resilience of electric grids around the world. Black & Veatch’s new eBook, Grid Modernization 2022: Reliability and Resilience offers electric utilities a timely and practical guide to the basics of grid modernization and presents a range of solutions to modernize utility grid systems.

America’s power grids are not only breaking down more frequently, but they are doing so in increasingly high-profile manners. In 2020, the U.S. Department of Energy recorded 383 power outages, more than double the number of disturbances in 2017. These disturbances not only cause human suffering, but they are costing the economy between $28 billion and $169 billion annually.

A more modern, resilient and reliable grid is absolutely necessary in today’s rapidly changing energy landscape. The new eBook explores how utilities must think big and small, balancing long-term emissions reduction goals with near-term financial metrics to achieve success. But few are ready when it comes to defining where to start and what approaches to prioritize to accelerate the development of a more flexible, resilient electric grid.

“Megatrends like digitization and decarbonization coupled with the increasing impacts of climate change and cybersecurity risks means that the industry’s core product of providing always-on, dependable electricity services is under serious threat,” said Kevin Ludwig, Grid Solutions Leader, Black & Veatch. “The good news is that our grids can be engineered to handle a wide range of severe conditions and threats as long as grid operators can assess, plan for, and reliably predict the risks.”

The primary drivers of grid modernization are clear: aging infrastructure; increased renewable energy generation; climate change and extreme weather events; the introduction of newer, smarter devices; new and variable customer loads from electric vehicles; and growing cybersecurity threats all present a host of challenges. And with further disruption from renewable energy and electric vehicles on the horizon, the U.S. Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is tackling the issue by allocating $65 billion in funds to modernize the nation's electric grids, a windfall that could truly help electric utilities change the game.

Grid Modernization 2022: Reliability and Resilience outlines how, from pragmatic hardening to capital-intensive investments, utilities can approach grid modernization holistically across all assets, integrating plans and departments while remaining agile and keeping pace with ever-changing technology and climate risks.




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