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PowerSouth Energy Cooperative
Building a Custom Network Infrastructure for Today and Tomorrow’s Power Needs
Publish date:
Like other utilities, PowerSouth has been faced with the need to increase capacity to accommodate growing demand from customers. The increased capacity requires network expansion to edge devices beyond substations.
Calaveras Dam Replacement Project
New Dam Built Under Black & Veatch Oversight Near California Fault Line Safeguards Bay Area’s Water Supply
Publish date:
To comply with the latest seismic safety standards and restore the supply reliability of its regional water infrastructure system, the Calaveras Dam Replacement Project includes a new 220 feet-high zoned earth and rock fill embankment, new concrete spillway and new intake tower.
Expansion of the Tai Po Water Treatment Works
DIY Approach Makes Water Treatment Safer for Hong Kong Citizens
Publish date:
The same thing that helps make water safe to drink also can cause serious illness, even death. With that kind of responsibility, the Hong Kong Water Supplies Department is bringing more clean drinking water to its citizens in much safer ways.
Connected Communities
An Inclusive Connected Communities Roadmap for Smart City Projects
Publish date:
Black & Veatch and software subsidiary Atonix Digital are working with the City of San Diego to implement a strategy that could bring smart city technologies to underserved areas of the city.
South Fork Improvements Program
Lifting the Burdens of Capital Improvement Programs
Publish date:
Black & Veatch worked with the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Utility Commission to upgrade its wastewater treatment system with a program management approach that is already paying back.
Sun Crate SU Manuel Ortiz
Black & Veatch, Coalition Donate Electric Resiliency to Hurricane-Affected Puerto Rico School
Publish date:
A coalition led by Black & Veatch donated tens of thousands of dollars in technology along with the manpower to provide a new, solar-driven power source for the SU Manuel Ortiz in Yabucoa, ground zero of Hurricane Maria.
STCH Microgrid
Shell Microgrid Doubles as Research Lab for Testing New Energy Solutions
Publish date:
Thomas Edison's invention of the electric lightbulb changed the world. But he also advocated energy conservation and once said, "I'd put money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power! I hope we don't have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that.”
Client Removes Transmission Lines with Minimal Disruption to Auto, Train Traffic Below
Publish date:
Aging infrastructure is a critical issue for the power industry. The United Illuminating Company (UI) ran into this issue when it faced the daunting task of replacing existing transmission line conductors that were located on 100-year-old lattice towers that had been built on a historic railroad bridge.
NVF Environmental Remediation Project
Wetlands Project Brings Wildlife Enthusiasts to Delaware
Publish date:
Naturalists are now able to enjoy bird-watching at a formerly abandoned facility site in Delaware after a comprehensive remediation effort, thanks to Black & Veatch's focus on long-term sustainability and natural resource management for all living creatures in the Yorklyn Valley region.
First Digital Kiosk Solution Deployment
Publish date:
Verizon’s first digital kiosk solution deployment is for the City of New Rochelle, New York. The project will include the installation of kiosks throughout the city. The Verizon Digital Kiosk (VDK) project will provide citizen engagement opportunities for the City of New Rochelle and will drive advertising revenue opportunities for Verizon and the City.
Deploying Multiple Smart City Technologies
Deploying Multiple, Smart City Technologies to Reduce Traffic and Broaden Internet Access
Publish date:
Verizon designated Black & Veatch as its preferred smart cities deployment partner for its Smart Communities efforts with the City of Sacramento. Black & Veatch is working with Verizon to improve traffic and broaden internet access by deploying multiple, smart city technologies in Sacramento.
Water Reuse Provides Cost Savings to City, Avocado Farmers teaser image
Water Reuse Provides Cost Savings to City, Avocado Farmers
Publish date:
The city of Escondido, Calif., had too much wastewater and not enough potable water. A 15-mile pipeline that carries treated wastewater from Escondido to the ocean almost overflowed during storms in 2010. More urgently, the aging pipeline was near capacity, no longer big enough to handle the city's growing needs.
Chula Vista Marina
Consulting Services and Needs Assessment
Publish date:
The City of Chula Vista selected Black & Veatch to deliver an analysis of sensor technologies, review technologies that can assist with environmental education programs, provide a deployment plan for the cities community Wi-Fi, conduct an analysis of smart technologies for transportation solutions, and make a high-level recommendation for smart technologies and solutions for the city.
Liverpool Wastewater Treatment Plant teaser image
A Wastewater Treatment Plant that Pays for Itself
Publish date:
Black & Veatch is the designer and builder of a new, $35 million solids treatment system for the Liverpool Wastewater Treatment Plant in Medina County, Ohio. The system provides energy performance savings and other sustainable benefits through an innovative Design-Build Performance Contract.
Chachoengsao 2 Substation teaser image
Black & Veatch Power Transmission Solution Keeps Industrial Expansion on Schedule in Thailand
Publish date:
Industry in Thailand consumes almost half of all electricity generation. Improving the reliability of supply and delivering improvements to the network on time is critical in Thailand’s journey to boost industrial competitiveness.

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