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Coxwell Bypass Tunnel
Integrated Deep Tunnel Solution Will Eliminate the Impacts of CSOs in Toronto, Improving its Water Quality and Quality of Life
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In Toronto, the vitality of the city and its stormwater system are deeply intertwined. The city has embarked on a $3 billion, 25-year, multi-stage initiative to upgrade its stormwater control. Stage one is the Coxwell Bypass Tunnel. Black & Veatch is the prime consultant, completing detailed design and contract administration.
Solar PV field in Panguitch, Utah
Small Town Sees Big Opportunity from Distributed Generation and Battery Storage
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Black & Veatch provided engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services for a battery energy storage and solar project composed of a 650kWac monocrystalline photovoltaic (PV) plant utilizing a horizontal  single-axis tracking system. The solar PV project utilizes 150 kW SMA string Inverters, which are tied to an owner-supplied 1 MVA step-up transformer.
Cardinal Point Wind
A Story of Collaboration, Vision of Renewable Energy
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Meet Cardinal Point Wind, a sprawling wind farm that’s testament to the zero-carbon development vision of Canada-based Capital Power, the project’s owner. And it’s symbolic of the collaboration and trust between that wholesale power generator and Black & Veatch, a global renewable energy solutions leader that stepped up to the challenge of erecting the farm.
Data Center Industrial Reuse Water Treatment Plant
Fast-tracked facility ensures reliable, sustainable data center operations
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Uninterrupted service is at the heart of successful data center operations. To operate reliably data centers require a stable temperature. Central to ensuring a stable temperature is a reliable supply of high-quality water for the cooling system.

In the upper Northwest of the U.S., we are helping ensure seamless data center service by providing water of sufficient quality and quantity to cool more than 60 megawatts of major data center companies’ server farms.

Paso Robles Wastewater Treatment Plant
Promoting a city’s water sustainability and resilience
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Paso Robles always discharged its treated effluent into California’s Salinas River. That is until changing influent and prolonged drought conditions spurred improvements at the city’s wastewater treatment plant. The plant now reclaims previously wasted resources, showcasing a sustainable and cost-effective approach to water quality and water supply resilience.

Bleutech Park Las Vegas
Bleutech Park
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Bleutech Park (BTP) is a first-of-its-kind planned mixed-use development, that will feature workforce housing, offices, retail space, a state-of-the-art entertainment tower, a luxury hotel and luxury residences, all built upon a technologically integrated site that aspires to be 100-percent grid independent.

Joint-Venture Team Delivers Grey Market Gas Turbine Ahead of Schedule
Joint-Venture Team Delivers Grey Market Gas Turbine Ahead of Schedule
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Who wouldn’t put on a hard hat and raise a hand for a project in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies? But what about two harsh winters (-40 degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit), snow drifts and a summer of record rainfall?

Small Cells, Big Connectivity
Small Cells, Big Connectivity
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Major wireless carriers and infrastructure providers are deploying small cells to meet the demand for faster delivery of more data and video. Most of the time, hundreds to thousands of nodes are deployed at once, in addition to a fiber backhaul network, to achieve desired coverage, capacity, and signal propagation. These programs are complex and can involve hundreds of staff, high-volumes of materials, and many concurrent deployment sites across the country.

Enid Ammonia Plant Expansion Projects
Black & Veatch Provides Engineering, Procurement and Program Management Services for Ammonia Plant Expansions
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Black & Veatch provided engineering and procurement services to Koch Nitrogen Company, LLC for two ammonia plant expansions as well as utility and infrastructure improvements as part of a $1.3 billion expansion of its Enid, Oklahoma facility. The project increased urea and ammonia production at the facility by more than one million tons a year. The facility is one of the largest producers of fertilizer in North America. 

Unique assessment advances commercial viability of tidal energy
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Tidal stream energy could theoretically supply more than 150 terawatt hours per annum globally. This represents a potential total global market of up to 50 gigawatts (GW) of generating capacity.

Tidal stream energy is a significant renewable energy source because, although it varies, the power output is highly  predictable. As a result, it can help to balance supply and demand as part of a balanced energy mix alongside other renewable sources such as wind and solar power.

Conceptual Development for Ammonia and Fertilizer Facilities
Black & Veatch Completes Multiple Process, Mechanical and Electrical Studies for Ammonia Clients
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Black & Veatch has worked with multiple large ammonia and fertilizer companies to provide front-end loading (FEL 1-3) studies, also referred to as pre-project planning, front-end engineering design (FEED), feasibility analysis, conceptual and detailed design, and early project planning. This includes evaluating process conditions in ammonia plants, reviewing electrical loads and infrastructure for ammonia, urea and UAN plants, as well as detailed design for Urea Reactor Replacements.

Connecting Burton and the Trent Washlands: A New Vision
Maximising environmental and social value through innovative integration of landscape design, natural capital accounting and interactive mapping
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With climate change placing increasing pressure on budgets for flood alleviation schemes, and other measures to increase resilience, it is vital clients can access innovative funding models to ensure communities are protected. It’s equally vital that such projects engage fully with the people they protect and create a legacy that provides multiple, sustainable benefits for the community.

Smart Connected Roadways
Smart, Connected Roadways
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Like many agencies, the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission (PTC) wanted to innovate. But, their existing microwave network had limited capacity, and couldn’t support the value- added safety and mobility applications that PTC required. PTC launched an advanced fiber optic network project to boost connectivity between their administrative buildings, as well as support All-Electronic Tolling (AET) and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) for improved safety and mobility.

Mohawk Valley EDGE Substation
Mohawk Valley EDGE Substation Powers Economic Growth in Upstate New York
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The completion of a new electrical substation will help power economic development in Oneida County, New York, by supplying electricity to a new $1 billion state-of-the-art, highly-automated world's-first silicon carbide wafer fabrication facility that is expected to draw more than 600 highly-skilled jobs to the region.

Memphis SARP10
With Black & Veatch’s leadership, Memphis sees ambitious sewer program as unfolding opportunity
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Black & Veatch is providing comprehensive program management services to the city of Memphis for the colossal, $350-million Sewer Assessment and Rehabilitation Program. The program includes numerous infrastructure improvement projects across the entire system.

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