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Modular Infrastructure for Rapid Health Crisis Response

Black & Veatch Develops COVID-19 Testing Infrastructure for Confidential Cruise Line Client

Project Name
Health Crisis Response Infrastructure
Port Canaveral/Orlando, FL
Confidential International Mass Media and Entertainment Conglomerate

The Problem

After more than a year of halted operations in the wake of COVID-19, the seas were finally open again for business. Before they could restore their cruise line operations, our confidential client—an international mass media, entertainment, and hospitality conglomerate—had to comply with a rigorous CDC (Centers for Disease Control) vetting process. Losing millions in revenue opportunities and burdened by maintenance costs as their ships sat idle, our client needed an innovative health and safety solution delivered quickly. In July 2021, Black & Veatch’s BV Health Solutions team was selected from 26 bidders to develop integrated infrastructure and processes for large-scale COVID-19 testing operations.

Our Solution

Efficiency was invaluable to our client, and BV Health Solutions was able to build an innovative solution at a speed unmatched by competitors. We provided design, permitting, construction, deployment, ongoing site support and maintenance. Our fully integrated solution included mobile and modular infrastructure, an on-site PCR testing lab, comfortable indoor waiting areas, restroom facilities, telecommunications connectivity, generators, and backup power. Our team continued to optimize our operating procedures through collaboration with our client, clinical lab partners and in-house experts.

The Results

As of August 2022, approximately 430,000 passengers had registered with our online COVID-19 record management system, 375,000 vaccination records had been validated, 350,000 portside tests had been performed, and 75,000 third-party tests had been validated. Since implementation, over 2,300 passengers have been prevented from boarding due to the results of their on-site tests. Because of our effective integrated testing solution, our client has experienced zero health incidents and zero cruise delays related to COVID-19. Almost half a million guests have been able to safely enjoy their vacations, and our client has re-instated thousands of jobs as they return to steady revenue generation.

Biggest Challenges

Speed was simultaneously our biggest differentiator and biggest challenge. BV Health Solutions was able to deploy an onsite laboratory and fully operational testing facility within mere weeks of being awarded the project contract. Our in-house engineering staff designed our solution to exceed CDC guidelines and local authority requirements, expediting what would normally be a very lengthy permitting process. Black & Veatch’s extensive history in planning and infrastructure enabled us to be first to market with a solution that can be adapted for other crisis management efforts, and we are already in conversations with national emergency response agencies to expand our solution to areas affected by natural disasters. Learn more about Black & Veatch's mobile and modular solutions here.

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