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Black & Veatch is Advising SMECO on its Smart Grid Strategy

Black & Veatch is Advising SMECO on its Smart Grid Strategy, Including Advanced Metering Infrastructure

Project Name
PAX River Advanced Metering Infrastructure
Hughesville, Maryland
Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative (SMECO)

Black & Veatch gives its clients access to a unique group of industry-recognized experts in the electric utility and smart grid industry. Black & Veatch has applied this expertise at Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative (SMECO) to help formulate a smart grid strategy. This plan leverages known technologies and lays a solid foundation for future smart grid capabilities that are critical to the long-term success of the customer-owned utility.

As a part of developing an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) business case and AMI vendor-selection process, Black & Veatch worked collaboratively with the cooperative to examine its operating strategies and technology road map. Black & Veatch made specific recommendations that are incorporated into SMECO’s longer-term smart grid strategy.

Black & Veatch is leading SMECO through a meter data management selection process and a systems integrator selection process. While a traditional AMI system pulls data in, the meter data management system goes beyond the basics and adds validation, estimating and editing. The differences improve the quality of the information the utility collects. More – and better – information helps manage the electric grid more effectively.

Expanding its ability to gather 24 meter readings every day, rather than a typical once-per-month meter read, gives SMECO a more accurate depiction of its customers’ energy consumption. The difference? Better information enables the utility to better plan to meet electric demand and meet Maryland’s state regulations.

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