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Black & Veatch Working to Help Connect Renewable Energy Sources Across the Midwest

Black & Veatch Working to Help Connect Renewable Energy Sources Across the Midwest

Project Name
Power Delivery Services
Midwestern States, United States
ITC Holdings Corp.

Black & Veatch’s projects with ITC Holdings Corp. (ITC) began when ITC was established in June 2003 and continue through today. Black & Veatch is the engineer and construction manager for the ITC Great Plains Kansas Electric Transmission Authority (KETA) project. The project is a 345 kilovolt (kV) transmission line that will improve the reliability and efficiency of the regional grid and help make more energy available to meet demand. The ITC portion of the line extends 173 miles from Spearville, Kansas, north to the Nebraska border and includes work at two 345 kV substations.

Black & Veatch engages with ITC staff at multiple levels in many locations on a daily basis. Black & Veatch assists with transmission line routing, environmental review, conceptual and detailed engineering and design, procurement support and construction management. The company’s focus includes minimizing the environmental impact of its designs while deploying best-in-class engineering.

Since ITC is the first independent transmission company in the United States, Black & Veatch is working to understand ITC’s business model and ensure that all aspects of the project meet the client’s goals and objectives. The familiarity that has grown in this long-term relationship allows the parties to work more as partners in business than as client/consultant.

The infrastructure investment being made by ITC will improve electric reliability, expand access to new sources of power and lower the overall cost of service. The result will be new power generation resources that will interconnect with ITC’s transmission systems. This allows for continued investment in renewable generation, particularly wind energy.

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