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ON-Line Microwave Network Staged and Installed Within Controlled Testing Facility to Ensure Quality

ON-Line Microwave Network Staged and Installed Within Controlled Testing Facility to Ensure Quality

Project Name
ON-Line Microwave Communications Project
Las Vegas, Nevada
NV Energy

Telecommunication networks are a key component of both energy and water infrastructure. They carry vital information and data for the reliable operation of utilities. Black & Veatch completed a wireless endeavor – called the NV Energy ON-Line Microwave Communications Project – supporting NV Energy’s statewide electric system unification program in Nevada.

NV Energy was expanding 250 miles of new electric transmission lines in areas of the state with limited telecom service. The electrical transmission grids will provide power to millions of residential, commercial and industrial users within the United States that include thousands of life safety services such as hospitals, police stations and fire stations. The new telecom network will be used to control relays that protect transmission lines and terminal stations from electrical faults by transporting control signals over hundreds of miles within milliseconds.

Future Smart Grid Expansion

The NV Energy ON-Line Microwave Communications Project demonstrates how communications is serving as the foundation for reliable, efficient and sustainable delivery of power. This project will facilitate the integration of renewable energy as well as support future expansion into smart grid capability and utility automation.

NV Energy is relying on Black & Veatch’s wireless communications expertise to improve the performance and reach of its electric system. This project will also provide expanded coverage for the Nevada Shared Radio System used by the Nevada Department of Public Safety.

After finishing the planning and design of the network, Black & Veatch led the network implementation and testing in a controlled environment. Black & Veatch also assisted NV Energy by modeling more than 500 microwave paths to determine the best route to reduce the amount of infrastructure that had to be added.

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