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LNG Plant Supplies Needed Fuel for Vehicles in Brazil

LNG Plant Supplies Needed Fuel for Vehicles in Brazil

Project Name
LNG Plant and Storage Facility
Paulina, Sao Paulo, Brazil
White Martins (Praxair)

Black & Veatch developed a 13 million standard cubic foot daily (MMSCFD) LNG plant for White Martins (Praxair) to supply liquefied natural gas (LNG) for vehicle fuel in Paulina, Brazil. The facilities process high-pressure feed gas from a commercial pipeline, cool it to condense the gas, and then direct the liquefied natural gas to storage. The LNG will then be loaded out and transported, via truck and rail, to sites as far as 900 miles away.

Before liquefaction, water and carbon dioxide (CO2) present in the pipeline are removed in two steps. Amine treating is used to remove CO2 and a dehydration section using a two-bed molecular sieve system removes the water.

The liquefaction section of the plant uses the PRICO process to liquefy the natural gas feed and produce the LNG product. The PRICO unit was designed to be skid mounted to reduce field construction costs.

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