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Newport Substation Design Rebuild

Newport Substation Design Rebuild

Project Name
Newport Substation Design Rebuild
Newport, New Jersey
Atlantic City Electric

Black & Veatch replaced the existing 69/12kV substation located on a newly acquired property for Atlantic City Electric. The 69kV portion consists of a six breaker ring bus with two-line terminals, one capacitor bank, one mobile connection and two 69/12kV power transformers. The 12kV switchgear section consists of two breaker and a half lineups and two main breakers. The switchgear is housed in the control building which provides additional space for AC/DC panels, relay/control panels, station auxiliaries, and a separate battery storage room. The old substation will be decommissioned and demolished (to be used as a stormwater management site) when the new substation is completed.

Black & Veatch’s role includes design of the new substation as well as demolition of the existing substation. During the design phase, Black & Veatch and sub-contractor, PS&S Integrated Services, will complete site development including studies and analysis calculations. Black & Veatch will further work with diverse sub-contractor, ExecuPOWER, to complete electrical primary and secondary designs. Upon design completion, Black & Veatch will also provide field support during the rebuild.

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