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Network Deployment Support Services

Nextlink Internet is deploying high-speed broadband to drive connectivity and economic growth in rural America.

Network Deployment Support Services

Project Name
Network Deployment Support Services
Great Plains States
Nextlink Internet

Client Summary

Nextlink Internet (Nextlink) is a nationally recognized leader in the imperative effort to close the digital divide in rural America. Currently providing high-speed internet with its fiber and wireless infrastructure in six states, Nextlink stands as a trailblazer for community partnerships and the expansion of connectivity across the rural residential, commercial, education, healthcare, and public sector markets.

Today, Nextlink offers high-speed internet services in the rural areas of Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Texas. With rapid growth projections over the next five years, Nextlink plans to deploy over $1 billion in broadband infrastructure to expand its service territory to eleven states.

Black & Veatch is proud to partner with Nextlink in its effort to drive economic growth throughout rural America, enriching communities through enhanced connectivity.

Project Summary

  • Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF) Design Review and Certification. Nextlink contracted with Black & Veatch for the design review and certification of their RDOF applications to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The technical submittal outlined Nextlink’s fiber and wireless network hybrid design and was a central component in the FCC evaluation process. Subsequently, Nextlink was awarded over $429 million to build broadband infrastructure and improve connectivity to over 205,000 rural households.

  • Pre-Construction and Permitting Services. Black & Veatch is providing pre-construction and permitting services for approximately 30 tower sites in eastern Illinois as part of Nextlink’s partnership with Eastern Illini Electric Co-op (EIEC). Nextlink will construct a 400+ mile fiber optic network through the EIEC service territory that will bring enhanced broadband and phone services to residential and business consumers across EIEC’s 10-county service territory. Additionally, EIEC will be able to utilize the network infrastructure as they deploy an advanced metering system that requires an extensive communications network.

  • Network Design Services. As Nextlink’s service territory expands, Black & Veatch has performed both fiber and wireless designs in coordination with the Nextlink Network Design team. In addition to design work, Black & Veatch has also provided independent review and attestation of various wireless network technologies.

“Nextlink is laser-focused on bringing high-speed broadband to small towns and rural areas across America’s heartland. Through the FCC’s Connect America Fund program, we’ve been able to quickly expand our broadband availability to reach those areas. We are dedicated to driving economic growth in rural America, enriching communities through enhanced connectivity.” (Bill Baker, Founder and CEO of Nextlink Internet )

State-of-the-Art Broadband Technology to Drive Economic Growth

Nextlink understands that the next generation of American connectivity is the deployment of state-of-the-art broadband technology and the backhaul infrastructure delivering bandwidth to meet the needs of communities. As an established leader in the marketplace, they’re on the forefront of driving connectivity and economic growth in rural America and positioned for unprecedented growth in the near future.

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