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Over a Half Million Solar Photovoltaic Panels Will Supply Clean Energy to 300,000 People

Project Name
Lopburi 55 MW Solar Farm
Lopburi Province, Khok Samrong District, Thailand
Natural Energy Development Co., Ltd.

Black & Veatch’s role as the owner’s engineer for the Lopburi 55 megawatt (MW) solar photovoltaic (PV) has brought it to the forefront of renewable technology deployment. The plant is one of the largest solar generation plants of its type in Asia.

Two of the main components of this solar generation facility – thin-film solar PV panels (more than 500,000) and DC to AC inverters – are items that had never been used before on this scale in Asia. Additionally, the frameless PV panels used at this site are considered first-of-a-kind in the world.

The facility is located in central Thailand and is being developed and operated by Natural Energy Development Co., Ltd. (NED). NED is in a joint venture between Electricity Generating Public Company Limited (EGCO) of Thailand, the Thai division of Hong Kong-based China Light and Power (CLP) and Mitsubishi.

“The Black & Veatch team not only met but exceeded our expectations. The tasks often had a very short turnaround time, but the work was always highly professional.”

Johnny Wang, China Light and Power


Find out how we are helping power providers and private industry in Asia integrate renewable energy as developing nations strive for full electrification.


Local Team

Black & Veatch completed the overall design and constructability review, operational analysis and detailed design review. In support of NED’s desire to have a strong local presence and a company it could rely on to answer its questions immediately, Black & Veatch proposed the use of its local engineering team, with the main project point of contact located in Bangkok. Black & Veatch strengthened NED’s resources by supplementing the team with expertise from across Black & Veatch, including local Bangkok engineers, who were familiar with global design codes and standards, and local codes and construction practices.

Initially engaged to provide engineering review, Black & Veatch’s professionals additionally supported NED beyond that by providing information about procurement, construction, construction management, and consulting and planning.


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