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Public Service Electric and Gas Company Achieves Measurable Network Improvements

Public Service Electric and Gas Company Achieves Measurable Network Improvements

Project Name
26 kV Underground Network Monitoring Program
Newark, New Jersey
Public Service Electric and Gas Company

Public Service Electric and Gas Company (PSE&G) had to know the condition of its underground network assets. The company needed to provide “visibility” for dispatchers, loadings for engineers and remote operability for the whole organization.

The concept was to bring “actionable information” to these stakeholders by installing fiber communication networks, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), sensors and microprocessor-based protection upgrades on all of PSE&G’s 26 kilovolt (kV) underground networks. A more rapid fault-locating capability helps pinpoint where problems are, thus avoiding hours of randomly pumping manholes. This system results in quicker cable or transformer restoration.

Black & Veatch was selected to provide full system engineering and integration, from the field device in the underground transformer vault to the operator graphic displays that are part of SCADA. Black & Veatch brought the resources, technical expertise and third-party support required to move data from the field to the operation center for control and monitoring of the networks.

Smart Grid Technologies

Together with PSE&G engineers, Black & Veatch developed solutions by using tools already in use at PSE&G. This solution provided PSE&G with an asset health tool that utilizes smart grid technologies through the network, including redundant high-speed communications channels.

The program included the upgrade of more than 200 transformer vaults with fiber communication and SCADA equipment. This provided remote monitoring of transformers and fault indicators, as well as control of network protector relays. The project also included the deployment of redundant fiber communication networks to all vaults.

Black & Veatch was able to leverage its telecommunications and network services team to provide network design oversight. The system allows the PSE&G operations department to remotely monitor the configuration and load on the network, and proactively take steps to prevent network outages or failures.

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