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Water Supply Project Benefits 3.5 Million People in India

Water Supply Project Benefits 3.5 Million People in India

Project Name
Kerala Water Supply
Kerala, India
Kerala Water Authority

The Kerala Water Supply Project is the largest single water supply project in the south-west Indian state of Kerala. The project served to augment and rehabilitate a water supply system in five key areas across the state – Trivandrum, Kozhikode, Pattuvam, Cherthala and Meenad.

Black & Veatch was appointed as partner in the international consortium providing design and supervision services to Kerala Water Authority. The project was aid-funded by the Japanese Bank for International Cooperation.

The project deliverables comprise five new water treatment plants; approximately 500 kilometres of new ductile iron and mild steel transmission mains; 70 service reservoirs; 8,000 kilometres of distribution networks; and rehabilitation of three existing treatment works.

Through its role in the Kerala Water Supply project, Black & Veatch has helped provide a water supply system that will benefit around 3.5 million people living in the state’s urban areas.

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