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Shared Land Mobile Radio Solution Saves $2 Million teaser image
Shared Land Mobile Radio Solution Saves $2 Million
Publish date:
Rockwall County officials expressed an interest in developing a new shared system that would meet the needs of both the county and the five cities within the county. Those cities included Rockwall, Heath, Fait, Royse City and McLendon-Chisholm.
Consolidated Network Improves Communications for Baltimore County Agencies teaser image
Consolidated Network Improves Communications for Baltimore County Agencies
Publish date:
Black & Veatch worked with Baltimore County, Maryland, to combine their existing public safety and public works communications systems. The 800 MHz systems were consolidated into a single P25 trunked system with a new 700 MHz data system, tower sites, 9-1-1 center and dispatch consoles.
Holistic Public Safety Radio and P25 System Upgrade Brings Long-Term Value Teaser image
Holistic Public Safety Radio and P25 System Upgrade Brings Long-Term Value
Publish date:
Black & Veatch assisted Lake County, Illinois, with the needs assessment of Sheriff’s Department very high frequency (VHF) high band system, and development of an RFP to upgrade the system to a two-channel simulcast receiver voting system through a holistic communications plan. 
Oregon Department of Transportation teaser image
Statewide Radio Project Boosts Safety, Efficiency for Public Agencies in Oregon
Publish date:
The Oregon State Radio Project rebuilt the existing Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) and Oregon State Police (OSP) systems to create an integrated statewide network in partnership with the Oregon Department of Forestry, Oregon Department of Corrections and with nearly 40 local public safety agencies.
Monterey County Next Generation Emergency Network (NGEN) Radio teaser image
Monterey County Next Generation Emergency Network (NGEN) Radio
Publish date:
The County of Monterey Information Technology Department (ITD) communications systems were developed in the mid 1980s.  Many of the tower systems have since aged, and were developed in accordance with older building codes.
City of Arvada First Responder Radio System Upgrade Teaser image
First Responder Radio Upgrades Increase Coverage and Interoperability in City of Arvada
Publish date:
The City of Arvada is developing two new communications sites in support of the city’s first responder P25 land mobile radio (LMR) system. The new system will expand radio coverage in the west and increase interoperability with the City of Lakewood and Denver.
Enabling Future Growth in Remote Areas teaser
Black & Veatch’s EPC Expertise Expands Capacity, Ensures Reliable Power Delivery in West Texas
Publish date:
In remote West Texas, residents were experiencing power disruptions caused by aging infrastructure, and a surge in local oil production was demanding more capacity than was available. The 100-year-old transmission and distribution system simply wasn’t keeping up.
Customer Engagement Leads to Safer Natural Gas Operations for Community teaser
Customer Engagement Leads to Safer Natural Gas Operations for Community
Publish date:
Baltimore Gas and Electric (BGE) is serious about their commitment to safe and reliable operations. To bolster their residential natural gas meter protection efforts, BGE partnered with Black & Veatch on an integrated plan to relocate and safeguard meters for more than 16,000 natural gas customers in the Baltimore, Maryland, region.
Petroleum and Natural Gas Exploration and Production Company teaser image
Pilot Plant Cleans, Repurposes Water from Oil Recovery Operations
Publish date:
With water already at a premium in a stubbornly parched region of the United States, a global oil giant had sustainability in mind when it searched for ways to clean and repurpose water produced as a byproduct of one of its enhanced oil recovery operations.
Oregon Clean Energy Center
Advanced Combined Cycle Facility Delivers Value to Community, Environment, Investors
Publish date:
Near the shore of Lake Erie, in Oregon, Ohio, an 869-megawatt (MW) combined cycle power plant, known as the Oregon Clean Energy Center, is now providing critical baseload power to the PJM regional transmission organization and delivering value to virtually all stakeholders.
Integrated Waste Management Facility to set new Global Standards Teaser image
Integrated Waste Management Facility to set new Global Standards
Publish date:
Innovative long-term planning and advanced engineering at the upcoming Integrated Waste Management Facility in Singapore will enable the island nation to reap the benefits of energy and resource recovery maximisation for years to come. When completed it will establish new standards for how we manage and harness our waste resources.
GRDA teaser image
Power Plant Replacement Project Brings Price Certainties, Cleaner Air
Publish date:
Grand River Dam Authority’s customers now have a more reliable, highly efficient and cleaner source of energy thanks to the Grand River Energy Center Unit 3, a natural gas-fueled, 1x1 combined-cycle generating facility that is expected to be the most efficient fossil-fuel generation facility in the United States’ Southwest Power Pool.
Advanced Stormwater Management Teaser image
Flood Alleviation Program Keeps Happy Valley, Hong Kong, Happy
Publish date:
Happy Valley, located in the Wan Chai District of Hong Kong, is a cultural, economic and entertainment centre for the city. Despite its metropolitan development, the area was prone to flooding as it is located on low-lying ground near the Victoria Harbor.
Calgon Carbon Industrial Water Treatment Project Teaser image
Industrial Water Treatment Plant Cuts Operational Costs for Calgon Carbon Plant
Publish date:
Calgon Carbon Corporation hired Black & Veatch to upgrade their boiler makeup water treatment system and assist in other modifications to reduce operating and maintenance costs at its flagship factory in the United States, the Big Sandy Plant in Kentucky, which produces activated carbon from bituminous coal.
Miramar Military Microgrid Teaser Image
Marine Corps Air Station Miramar Microgrid: From Design and Construction to Operations and Commissioning
Publish date:
Black & Veatch and Schneider Electric are designing and constructing an energy security microgrid at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, in San Diego, California. Once fully operational, the microgrid solution will provide resiliency, incorporate renewable energy, and allow operations at mission-critical facilities to continue if the utility power grid is compromised or damaged.

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