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Decarbonization in Asia: Roadmapping the Path Forward

Decarbonization in Asia

As the world recognizes the growing impacts of climate change, there is a sense of urgency to accelerate the transition to net-zero energy and transform power, transportation and industrial systems into more sustainable modes of production and consumption. Looking forward, the decarbonization of our energy systems will take considerable focus, time and investment.

While the adoption of renewable energy gathers momentum across Asia, we are still at the beginning of a major technology shift. This is requiring governments, utilities, energy companies and large energy consumers in Asia to pull together decarbonization roadmaps to evaluate existing and emerging technologies and steer decision making over five, ten and twenty-plus year time horizons. Such long-lead planning tools are essential given the scale of the transition ahead.

The following pages look at the decarbonization of energy across Asia and the road mapping programs that will help stakeholders move their initiatives from the planning to execution stages.

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