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A Dive into Commissioning of Desalination Plants


A Dive into Commissioning of Desalination Plants

The commissioning of desalination plants is typically comprised in between two major stages: pre-commissioning and commissioning. The pre-commissioning phase is normally divided into two sub-stages: static tests (or no-load tests) and functional tests (to verify the functional operation of the systems using water as well as interlocks and logic checks). First fill, disinfection and water pumping throughout reverse osmosis train, will be performed at the end of this second stage by the commissioner.

Once systems or sub systems are turned over to second stage, commissioner will start he Load commissioning tests procedures that shall include sampling, analyzing, testing, monitoring, and records log sheet etc. the commissioner shall operate all the systems & sub-systems in both manual and automatic modes as considered on the original design.

Come and join us into an interesting conversation in which will go through tips and experiences gathered by the time worked as part of Black & Veatch commissioning team.

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