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Leading the adoption of hydrogen technologies at scale for decades, we understand the revolutionary capabilities of hydrogen to reduce carbon emissions and pave the way for a greener future.

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1st Hydrogen

Power generation conversion project in U.S. 

1st Major

Hydrogen fueling station
deployment in the United States

80+ Years

Ammonia processing experience
together with vast carbon capture credentials

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We know hydrogen

Decarbonizing our global economy – our industries, utilities, personal transportation and the production and movement of goods – will require a united effort. Clean, sustainable hydrogen has the potential to reduce and replace our reliance on fossil fuels for heating, transport, production of green chemicals and fertilizer, storage and electricity generation.

A zero-carbon fuel that emits only water, hydrogen’s role in the drive for sustainability can be accelerated by using or adapting significant parts of existing infrastructure to employ hydrogen as a fuel source. This substitution effect means Black & Veatch is already positioned for and delivering progress today across green hydrogen for power generation and storage, advanced transportation and fuel-cell technology, and as a feedstock for green chemicals, as well as the processing of blue hydrogen with carbon capture technology.

From investors and utility operators, industrial and transportation leaders to city planners and regulators, we can help you at every stage of the hydrogen journey as it reshapes markets and economies as the foundation of a decarbonized world. Black & Veatch is a leader in deploying new market technologies, proven at delivering innovation reliably. This means we can de-risk investments across all public, commercial and industrial sectors. We will work with you to scale solutions that meet budget constraints, expectations for return on investments and navigate complex regulations.

Learn more about the key trends shaping sustainable infrastructure here.

Green Hydrogen Power Generation & Storage

We are already transitioning gas-fired facilities to combustion turbine technology using significant percent of green hydrogen; as a leader in renewables, and gas processing and generation, we guide you on this pathway and retrofit your assets.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles & Other Deployments

We are experienced at building the distributed infrastructure for alternative fuel vehicles, delivering the first major hydrogen fuel charging network in the U.S. We are also experienced deployed fuel cells of telecom sites as well as other power storage applications.

Ammonia for (H2) Storage & Transportation

With 80-plus years in all scales of ammonia production and 30-plus years as a leader in capture technology, we are primed to help refineries future-proof operations and transition to green chemical and hydrogen production throughout the world.

Safe, Reliable and Informed Innovation Across the Hydrogen Value Chain

Hydrogen value chain

Black & Veatch’s expertise lies at the very heart of energy, water, transportation, O&G, chemicals and the digital worlds. Our consistent ranking as a top engineer and construction partner for power, telecommunications, transportable fuels and water infrastructure positions us at the leading edge of integrated hydrogen solutions needed for a decarbonized world. We have decades of delivering innovative, first-of-a-kind technology safely and reliably across the power, water, oil & gas, environmental and advanced transportation industries.

It’s this diversity of experience and depth of knowledge that offers our clients access to the right resources at the right time. As business advisors, management consultants, project managers, engineers, construction professionals, environmental scientists, regulatory experts, data analysts and much more, we provide practical insight, helping you overcome the complexities that come with project development, from financing and planning to stakeholder management and commissioning.

Center for Hydrogen Safety

Advocates for a Hydrogen Economy

Black & Veatch is an active industry advocate for the hydrogen economy, decarbonizaton and the development of a more balanced energy portfolio. The company is a member of a number of related organizations including: the Hydrogen CouncilCenter for Hydrogen SafetyAmmonia Energy Association; Fuel Cell Hydrogen & Energy Association; and Energy Storage Association.

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