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The challenges facing our clients are increasingly complex and urgent. Building the resilience of communities, ecosystems and infrastructure is more important than ever before. Our world is changing, the paradigms governing risk to our infrastructure and natural systems have shifted significantly. We are here to help you navigate the future.

Backed by over a century’s worth of experience in infrastructure development, Black & Veatch works with local, state and federal governments, service providers, and private industries to – modernize energy, water and telecommunications infrastructure – protect and restore ecosystems – meet performance and resilience goals – reduce costs and mitigate risk.  By partnering closely with clients and their stakeholders we design affordable, practical and resilient climate actions. Our multidisciplinary teams are committed to delivering the outcomes you need and helping you adapt to changing demands and conditions.

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Advancing Resilience Across the Infrastructure Life Cycle

We deliver critical human infrastructure that improves quality of life around the globe and here at home to spur economic growth, protect natural resources, and drive towards a more sustainable future.

Black & Veatch works across the entire life cycle of infrastructure. We are driven to help you advance a resilient and thriving future, from ideation to implementation. We understand the complex interdependencies between critical sectors, outcomes, engineering and nature-based solutions. We work at all scales – federal, regional, watershed, community, project – and look for every opportunity to integrate complimentary expertise, bridging industries and teams.

Our Services

We offer a broad range of solutions to help you advance resilience, achieve net zero goals, mitigate risk, and implement adaptation strategies.  Solutions can be comprehensive or incremental – customized to fit your needs and constraints.  Our teams bring expertise from multiple sectors and experience working across scales to meet the challenges facing governmental, non-governmental and private sector clients. Our services and solutions are forward-leaning and focused on managing current and future risk. Our industry-spanning global expertise and long-standing commitments to innovation and sustainability can meet the challenges that you’re facing and deliver solutions for the long-term.

  • Assessments and Data Analytics​

  • Environmental Planning ​

  • Resilient Water Resources ​

  • One Water Master Planning ​

  • Land Advisory​

  • Facility Resilience​

  • Capital Improvement Programs and Optimization ​

  • ENVISION Framework for Planning and Design​

  • Community and Stakeholder Engagement​

  • Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Planning​

  • Heat, Wildfires and Drought

  • Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventories  ​

  • Carbon Mitigation Strategies  ​

  • Climate Analytics and Risk Assessments​

  • Climate Action Planning  ​

  • Climate Adaptation Strategies​

  • Renewable Energy​

  • Funding and Financing ​

  • Climate and Data Literacy Communications ​

  • Climate Audits

  • Vulnerability Assessments  ​

  • Hazard Mitigation Planning  ​

  • Community Wildfire Protection Plans​

  • Sea Level Rise Planning & Modeling​

  • Land Use and Managed Retreat ​

  • Nature-Based Solutions  ​

  • Flood and Coastal Risk Reduction​

  • Critical Infrastructure Protection​

  • Compounding and Cascading Impacts Assessment​

  • Asset Condition Assessments and Hardening​

  • Asset Management and Maintenance Optimization ​

  • Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability Analyses​

  • Digital and Cybersecurity Assessments

  • Performance Assessment and Process Improvement  ​

  • Financial and Operational Evaluation  ​

  • Development of KPIs and Benchmarks   ​

  • Funding Feasibility Studies​

  • Grant Funding Support

  • Facility Resilience​

  • Renewable Energy​

  • Ecosystem Restoration​

  • Water Reuse for Direct and Indirect Reuse, Recharge​

  • Clean Transportation, Distributed EV​

  • Dams, Tunnels, Pipelines, Pump Stations, and Flood Gates​

  • Digital and Cybersecurity

Engineering with Nature to Bring Communities Together

The fresh water in the lake sparkles in the sunlight. It’s stocked for fishing and rimmed by trails, gathering spaces, and native wetland plants. Inconspicuously, it’s also ready to receive and store excess stormwater. Planned and designed by Black & Veatch, the stormwater lagoon at Fontenelle Park in northeast Omaha is natural infrastructure and an invaluable piece of the city’s strategy to protect Missouri River water quality and enhance the community park.

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