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Black & Veatch Knowledge Network Is Meeting the Needs of a Changing Workforce

Black & Veatch Knowledge Network (BVKN) was created to meet the changing needs of a modern workforce. Black & Veatch as a company boasts more than 100 years of leadership within the global marketplace. As a result, we are able to provide a wide-range of contract opportunities to members.  Some of these opportunities might support projects like:

  • Improving asset, organizational and financial performance. 
  • Securing critical infrastructure against physical and cyber threats.
  • Planning and implementing distribution modernization programs. 
  • Improving customer engagement and customer operations. 
  • Effectively planning infrastructure and fuel-supply portfolios. 
  • Developing and justifying fair and balanced rate structures. 

In addition to the opportunity to work alongside Black & Veatch professionals on innovative and transformative projects, we also recognize the niche skill sets that some of our members bring to BVKN. Some of our members help support specialized consulting services like:

  • Expert testimony
  • Specialized market planning
  • Facility operations
  • Asset site visit assessment
  • Technology implementation
  • Business development
  • Cybersecurity
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As a company, Black & Veatch is fully committed to developing a modern work culture that we carry over into all of our business entities, including BVKN. Our culture is inclusive to all ages, genders, races, religions, and sexual orientations.  As a company, Black & Veatch represents more than 100 countires, 120 nationalities, and more than 70 different languages all in an effort to make our professionals a reflection of the real world.

BVKN also support Black & Veatch’s commitment to support military professionals with their transition to civilan life through the MERGE program. Often, military professionals bring an acumen of strategic thinking, project management and leadership to roles as a result of their service experience.

The World Economic Forum forcasts that by 2030 the number of US workers in full-time ‘permanent’ employment will drop to 9% of the workforce, an all-time low. BVKN is working in advance of this change to create a preferred network for our clients around the globe. To learn more about BVKN membership connect with a member representative.


How You Can Become a BVKN Member?

You can apply for BVKN membership consideration by completing our online profile form. As part of the application process, you will be required to pay for and pass a company selected background check (cost begins at $99) as well as be able to secure, pay for and maintain insurance coverage that includes: commercial general liability insurance, automobile liability insurance, professional liability insurance, and worker’s compensation and employer’s liability insurance. Proof of insurance coverage will be required at the time in which you offered membership and when you are issued a project task order. You must be eligible to work in the United States and currently be living in the United States. Membership is not available at this time for professionals outside of the United States.

If you are accepted into the BVKN member network, you will be able to connect with our membership managers and express interest in roles. You may also be contacted directly if we feel your skills are a match for a current opportunity. 

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Feature Opportunities for Our Members

Black & Veatch Knowledge Network members have the opportunity to consider a wide range of roles. To learn about future opportunities, click here to email a member advisor.

We are seeking individuals with the skills, knowledge and experience with focus on the MUNIS ERP System with a focus on Water Utilities and using the system for Customer Billing. Below are the skills desired:

  • MUNIS ERP Functional Design Sessions resulting in requirements capture and functional design documentation
  • MUNIS Utility Billing Meter to Cash processing knowledge
  • MUNIS Solution Integration
  • Root Cause Analysis to determine deficiencies in the MUNIS solution
  • Knowledge and experience of MUNIS Business Processing
  • Knowledge and experience MUNIS Configuration
  • Ability to customize MUNIS Solution
Experience Preferred
  • 5+ years of experience working with MUNIS System at water utilities
Education and Skills Requirements
  • College degree or equivalent work experience
  • Strong knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Project, PowerPoint, Outlook, Visio)
  • Knowledge of Utilities
  • Knowledge of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)
  • Willingness to travel
Current Roles
  • Duration: 6 months
  • Industry: Water
  • Location: MidAtlantic
  • Travel Requirements: up to 80% travel, on-site at client
  • Compensation: Hourly rate + expenses

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Black & Veatch Management Consulting is seeking a professional to deliver world-class consulting solutions in the Energy sector with a holistic, multi-disciplinary approach that integrates strategic, financial and expertise-based advisory services to private and investor-owned utility companies, commercial and industrial customers, municipalities, and government agencies. The Rates & Regulatory Practice provides highly desired services in these market segments including: regulatory strategy and reform development, rate case management and support, costing and ratemaking, innovative pricing solutions, infrastructure-based business case and cost/benefit analysis and expert testimony and litigation support across all sectors of the electric, natural gas, and oil/liquid products pipeline markets and other energy market participants (e.g., energy law firms, energy marketers, financial institutions, commercial and industrial customers, and energy developers).

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We are seeking individuals with the skills, knowledge and experience with a focus on data analysis and initial preparation of deliverables to contribute to the technical due diligence of technical utility assets to support financial transactions. Key skills for success in the role might include:

  • Ability to understand and consistently meet client expectations within the scope of engagement role by responding promptly and professionally to their inquiries
  • Can easily apply methods or recognized equivalent as appropriate to meet the specific needs of the client and engagement demands
  • Able to conduct situation analysis through client interviews and documents research to determine the business strengths and weaknesses to identify preliminary engagement priorities
  • Experience in applying detailed knowledge of a distinct expertise area to produce work products
  • Can develop and present recommendations and alternatives to the client by leveraging technical or functional knowledge or prior experience in the chosen business area
  • Demonstrates expertise to integrate findings from research and develops alternative solutions and can present alternatives and recommendations to client or team
  • Ability to proactively develop additional knowledge applicable to the area of expertise
  • Experienced in identifying and assessing risks and can participate in developing mitigation strategies and escalate significant issues to appropriate engagement management
  • Can easily contribute to the development of a project plan for a team or sub-engagement

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Learn more about how the BVKN can support your career development goals by reviewing our program guide and additional resources:


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