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Increasing Water Supply

Increasing the Water Supply Throughout California's Silicon Valley

Project Name
Silicon Valley Advanced Water Purification Center
San Jose, California
Santa Clara Valley Water District

Families and industrial customers in Silicon Valley may not realize what Black & Veatch has done for them and their communities. But they do understand that because of climate change and longer periods of drought, water is an ever more critical resource in California.
Black & Veatch was chosen as the prime consultant for the Silicon Valley Advanced Water Purification Center (SVAWPC). The project is a regional approach and cooperative effort between the Santa Clara Valley Water District and the city of San José. Black & Veatch’s services included preliminary and detailed design, construction and startup.

The SVAWPC takes treated wastewater that otherwise would be discharged into San Francisco Bay; further treats it through microfiltration, reverse osmosis and ultraviolet light; and produces 8 million gallons a day of highly purified water for multiple reuse applications. The facility is a sustainable water resource that saves, and even possibly expands, the area’s precious drinking water supplies.

VIDEO: Increasing Water Supply Throughout Silicon Valley

Everyone Benefits

The improved recycled water produced by the SVAWPC can be used for irrigation, landscaping, recreation, cooling water and industrial processes. In the future, if this plant is run at full capacity, it is expected to save approximately 3 billion gallons of potable water each year, significantly reducing pressure on drinking water supplies.

Technology companies cooling large collections of computer servers; families enjoying watered public spaces and gardens; industrial customers using water more efficiently in their cooling towers – all will benefit from a significant increase in highly purified water for multiple reuse applications thanks to the partnership of the Santa Clara Valley Water District, the city of San José and Black & Veatch.

“This facility is our look into the future. Black & Veatch was with us all along the way to allow us to prepare, plan and deliver a facility like this.”

Jim Fiedler, Chief Operating Officer, Santa Clara Valley Water District

Purified water is expected to match California’s drinking water standards.

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