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Improving Quality of Life

Port Westward Unit 2 Provides Safe, Reliable Supply of Electricity

Project Name
Port Westward Unit 2
Clatskanie, Oregon
Portland General Electric

Oregon families cannot really see what Portland General Electric (PGE), with the help of Black & Veatch, is doing for them and their communities. But there is a difference in their environment thanks to a diverse, safe, reliable supply of electricity. And they are enjoying a better quality of life without thinking about it.

PGE provides electric service to more than 800,000 customers in Portland, Oregon, and surrounding communities. In 2009, the company submitted an Integrated Resource Plan to the Oregon Public Utility Commission. The plan stated the need for approximately 200 megawatts (MW) of flexible capacity to meet growing demands for electricity. Because of PGE’s commitment to renewable energy and the addition of new wind and solar power capacity into the system, PGE also needed an efficient technology capable of quick starting and fast ramp-up and ramp-down rates to fulfill the electric grid’s need for flexibility.

Incorporating Renewables

As PGE’s self-build partner, Black & Veatch was chosen for the engineering, procurement, construction (EPC) and startup for Port Westward Unit 2 located near Clatskanie, Oregon. The main services provided by the new 220 MW natural gas-fired power plant are peaking power during winter and summer periods, as well as load following and renewable energy integration throughout the year.

The highly efficient design of Port Westward Unit 2 helps integrate renewable resources such as wind and solar into the system. It also provides a versatile source of power complementing the highly efficient combined cycle performance of the existing Port Westward Unit 1. For PGE, the new plant also provides compliance with its commitment to renewable portfolio requirements.

“Port Westward Unit 2 is a huge success for our customers and PGE. Black & Veatch finished on schedule, on budget and with an excellent safety record.”

Rick Tetzloff, Senior Project Manager, Portland General Electric

Black & Veatch equipped the Port Westward Unit 2 power plant with 12 natural gas reciprocating Wärtsilä, 25,000-horsepower 18V50SG engines — the first installation of that engine in the United States.

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