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Restoring the Sparkle to a Los Angeles Jewel

Restoring the Sparkle to a Los Angeles Jewel

Project Name
Echo Park Lake Rehabilitation
Los Angeles, California
City of Los Angeles

Echo Park has been a part of Los Angeles history for more than 150 years. Echo Park Lake, however, had become a collection point for pollution and was impaired by algae and other contaminants.

Proposition O in the City of Los Angeles provided the funding for a major rehabilitation of Echo Park Lake. Black & Veatch was selected by the city to conduct the design of the rehabilitation project. One of the major goals of the project was to meet the water quality objectives established by the California Regional Water Quality Control Board.

The City of Los Angeles along with Black & Veatch restored the iconic Echo Park Lake to its former glory. The bond-funded $45 million project redefined the lake as a stormwater treatment facility. To enhance water conservation, a liner system was installed to reduce water loss through the soil. This liner system will maintain the lake’s water level without the need for municipal potable water.

Restoring Lotus Beds

Water quality was restored to the park through innovative green solutions using wetland treatment. These wetlands are designed to remove pollutants brought into the lake, therefore, eliminating the need for any chemical or mechanical treatment.

The Echo Park Lake Rehabilitation Project also focused on the community. The project design allowed recreational use of the lake and restored the culturally significant lotus beds. The sustainable, rehabilitated lake and improved watershed have returned the sparkle to a Los Angeles jewel.

“It’s great to see people out here enjoying Echo Park Lake. I know there are great water quality benefits, and the project was done under budget and on schedule with the help of Black & Veatch. But it is knowing that we are giving back to the communities that is most satisfying for me.”

Kendrick Okuda, Project Director, City of Los Angeles

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