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2023 Electric Report

Electric Report

As the U.S. electric sector’s evolution accelerates with the increasing adoption of cleaner, greener power sources, the industry is transforming to meet the needs of the “new energy” ecosystem.

Electrons created by solar, wind and hydro power – and distributed energy’s growth – account for what’s now the industry’s biggest challenge: integrating it all onto the grid. Severe weather events fueled by climate change continue to test grid resilience and reliability, stoking calls to harden and modernize the chronically aging infrastructure.

Regulatory, investment and cybersecurity issues add to the headwinds, including how widening adoption of electric vehicles is pressing power providers to invest in meeting those expected charging needs. Yet opportunity lives in the potential of a generational influx of billions of dollars in funding for grid improvements.

Backed by a survey of more than 650 U.S. power sector stakeholders, the Black & Veatch 2023 Electric Report explores these topics and more.



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