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Compliance & Governance

Compliance & Governance

As a leading global engineering, consulting and construction company, Black & Veatch works ethically and in full compliance with the laws and regulations in each country where we do business. We expect ethical business practices and compliance with regulations, policies, procedures and the law in all transactions with our clients, shareholders, professionals, business partners and government agencies.

To further strengthen our commitment to ethical business practices, the company’s culture is centered on seven Core Values:

  1. Safety
  2. Accountability
  3. Ownership
  4. Collaboration
  5. Integrity
  6. Respect
  7. Entrepreneurship 

In addition, Black & Veatch adheres to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and other similar country anti-corruption legislation, such as the U.K. Bribery Act; and encourages all professionals to report any known or suspected violations of the Black & Veatch Code of Conduct.

Black & Veatch Code of Conduct

Black & Veatch’s Code of Conduct provides rules and practices that both define and govern our relationships. It encompasses the standards that prescribe our company and professional behavior. 

Compliance and Alert Line

Black & Veatch encourages all professionals to report any known or suspected violations of the Black & Veatch Code of Conduct or the company’s policies, practices or instructions, as well as any irregular activities. The Compliance and Alert Line provides a confidential channel through which individuals may fulfill their reporting duty. Failure or refusal to report violations, or retaliating against an individual for reporting a violation represents a material breach of the Code of Conduct. 

In addition to providing a confidential means to report suspected violations, the Compliance and Alert Line is available to seek guidance and answer questions when potentially problematic situations are encountered. Black & Veatch professionals or the employees of any company that works with Black & Veatch are encouraged to seek assistance prior to making decisions which may violate the Code of Conduct. They can access the Compliance and Alert Line number by (i) calling (800) 381-2372, (ii) choosing from a list of international numbers with foreign language translation, or (iii) using the web intake feature. This information can easily be found by logging into the company’s internal website and searching “Ethics and Compliance Program.”

Corporate Compliance Council

Underlying Black & Veatch’s compliance efforts and supporting the implementation, training and auditing activities required under the Code of Conduct is the Corporate Compliance Council, which consists of Market Sector Compliance Officers, their Market Sector Legal Counsel and the Global Compliance Director. The council meets several times a year for the purpose of sharing experiences, coordinating procedures and enhancing educational efforts. The council provides direction so that the objectives of the company’s compliance program are consistently met and to ensure annual certification from every professional has been obtained to confirm adherence.

Read our Compliance Practices.

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