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Transportation Industries

Electric Fleet Charging

Electric Fleet Charging

Electrification has sparked a transportation revolution, and major automakers are building cleaner, greener electric trucks and buses. All-electric transit bus fleets already operate in some U.S. cities, and all classes of eTrucks are evolving as affordable local, regional, and long-haul options.

For fleet and sustainability managers, this is great news. EVs save money – charging them is 26-40% cheaper than buying gasoline depending on vehicle size. They easily pass the strictest state emission laws, they are quieter, and they have lower maintenance and total operating costs. 

But, fleet electrification also creates new complexities. Fleet managers are not just buying EVs—they are buying an entire system. The success of their new fleet hinges on the integration of communication, power, and electrification systems. Going autonomous? These system connections are critical to help ensure safe, intelligent operations. In short, infrastructure is the sum and substance of electric fleets. 

Black & Veatch is working with the transportation industry to flip the switch on electrification. We have deployed than 1,000 high-power charging sites across the United States. Our work includes EV infrastructure and site planning, power delivery, design, permitting and construction services. We specialize in the integration of energy, communication, and electrification networks, which means better outcomes in design, costs, and timeframes. 

Our Expertise in Fleet Charging Electrification

  • High-powered charging station networks for light-, medium- and heavy-duty electric vehicles 

  • Public transit and commercial bus electric fleet charging infrastructure  

  • Utility charging programs and vehicle-to-grid integration  

  • Battery storage integration 

  • Canopy and solar solutions 

  • Connected vehicle telecommunications enablement

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