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Water Industries

Environmental Consultancy

From hazardous site remediation to flood plain control to environmental impact assessments and strategies, our multi-system and cross-sector solutions help clients preserve the quality and strengthen the resilience of their water supplies.  

Environmental Consultancy

Environmental regulations provide the foundation for environmental consulting and the opportunity to create additional benefits for our clients and the communities their projects serve.

Our clients for critical human infrastructure projects include central and local government, regulators, industry, utilities, UK transport network providers and airports. We provide stand-alone support for private development projects as well as working in integrated teams on the type of large-scale critical infrastructure projects upon which Black & Veatch built its UK & global reputation.

We help clients deliver innovatively funded, environmentally compliant infrastructure, by offering environmental services for each stage in the lifecycle of an asset or project – which is just one of the things that sets us apart. 

Through smart landscape and green infrastructure design, and bespoke ecosystem services assessments and valuations, we consistently unlock additional funding streams for projects that reduce the costs for both clients and communities.

Our creative and award-winning integrated planning and design approach delivers both functional infrastructure and lasting environmental and social legacies - such as enhanced or reclaimed public spaces, new habitats and biodiversity, recreational resources and greater community engagement.

Our environmental specialists work together with Black & Veatch and partner’s engineering and design teams to develop feasible and cost-effective solutions to the complex questions posed by development across a wide range of fragile natural and socially sensitive locations. 

As well as helping clients invest in solutions to environmental challenges, and delivering pragmatic solutions to ecological constraints, our technical expertise enables us to work with bodies like the Environment Agency and Natural England to shape best practice approaches that protect our environment and deliver sustainable infrastructure and development.

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