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EV Roadmap 12

The Roadmap Conference is the nation's largest and most advanced annual conference on electric and smart mobility.

APCO 2019

Premier event for public safety communications officials, from frontline telecommunicators to comm center managers to public safety communications equipment and services vendors.


MACo Summer Conference – Winds of Chance

The conference will focus on the changes being seen at every level of government and constituent services and how counties are harnessing that momentum for the good of all Marylanders.

ISE Expo 2019

Premier educational event for wireline and wireless network transformation. Mix your professional development with personal enjoyment in the 15th-largest city in the United States and part of the No. 1 tourist destination in Texas, welcoming more than 9.1 million visitors annually.

ESNA Conference and Exhibition

ESNA is celebrating its 7th conference and expo by focusing on the role innovation plays in developing energy storage technology, markets, and business models.

Meeting of the Minds Annual Summit

Meeting of the Minds Annual Summit to showcase recent successes and to discuss the ongoing challenges facing the future of smart and sustainable cities.

TechAdvantage 2020

TechAdvantage is at the forefront of innovation, delivering critical technologies that are transforming the world of engineering, information technology, energy services, operations, supply management and business.

CityLaunch 2020 Conference
Connected Communities Collaborative’s signature production is CityLaunch, held annually in San Diego, California. CityLaunch is the kickoff to a year-long series of educational and networking meetings, seminars and online trainings for local government officials, vendors and smart city researchers and practitioners. CCC programming is designed to bring together novice and veteran smart city leaders in working groups to share best practices and build relationships that provide ongoing support to achieve local goals.
IWCE 2020


Connect with us at IWCE 2020!

Visit with Black & Veatch experts at booth #1418


The Business of Electricity: Will Distribution Markets Dominate?
Imagine customers, third parties and even utilities participating in a market in which their investments in renewable energy and other distributed energy resources could be monetized. The uptake of clean energy would dramatically accelerate, creating new opportunities for innovation and an open, inclusive energy economy. It’s the next evolutionary step to profoundly transforming the energy industry into something where everyone can win and it’s happening now.
Advances in Mobility & Data Promise to Transform the Future of Mining
Today’s mining industry has reason to be optimistic, with the global appetite for increased connectivity, mobility, smart infrastructure and low-emissions transportation driving demand for metal resources. Following the adage, “If it is not grown, it is mined,” the mining sector is playing a starring role in building this futuristic society of tomorrow by providing steel for driverless cars, copper for mobile devices, and lithium, nickel, cobalt and vanadium for batteries.
FLNG Solutions Prove To Be Much More Than Potential
Over the past few years, we’ve watched as offshore FLNG capabilities have moved closer to the mainland, offering a very flexible and economical solution to operators looking to offload their supply around the world.
The Price of Water
Water is the incredible common thread that connects our communities via food, power, manufacturing, environment and ultimately our health.

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